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[1996-01-22-WWF-Raw] Shawn Michaels and Jim Cornette


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I am on the fence about this Billionaire Ted skit. On one hand there are a lot of personal shots at Ted Turner, yet the Mean Gene line and WCW operating policy lines were good. They did mention that WCW never comes up with any of their own ideas, which I find funny as it wasn't long until WCW actually did come up with their own idea, and almost put WWF out of business with it.


I do find Michaels interview a bit annoying and unlikeable. I thought corny was fine here. Also would rate Mean Gene better at the mic than Vince.

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Shawn wants the nine guys in Syracuse to get credit for taking him out. Why didn’t they make a PPV match out of that. Cornette wants Owen to get the World title shot at next PPV over Michaels. This became normal routine on later PPVs with Rumble winner facing a random opponent over WrestleMania title shot.

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I suppose legally they couldn't have done it, but yeah--there was money in utilizing a guy supposedly involved in the Syracuse attack as part of a feud. He then calls out Owen Hart. That draws out Cornette out, who puts HBK in his place by informing him there's no financial incentive for Owen to take a match with HBK. THAT sounds familiar. There's only one thing Cornette wants, and that's HBK's title shot. Michaels agrees and then throws Cornette out of the ring. Crybaby.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1996-01-22-WWF-Raw] Shawn Michaels and Jim Cornette

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