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[1996-06-10-WCW-Nitro] Lex Luger and The Giant brawl


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A Giant/Scott Norton match is joined in progress. Norton gets chokeslammed on the floor and then pinned. He starts to go after Norton again post-match but Luger comes in and stops him and they have a fun brawl. Giant tries to chokeslam him again on the VIP table, but Luger kicks him low to get out of it and then hits him over the head with a champagne bucket. Giant screams and goes to chase Luger, and Luger joins Bischoff and Heenan at the announce booth. Luger does a pretty good promo. I thought this did a really good job at building Luger as a challenger at the Great American Bash.


Then we get a quick segment of the Nasty Boys giving Dennis Rodman a Nasty Boys t-shirt, and another clip of Kevin Greene promoting the Bash tag on the Tonight Show. NWO or no NWO, WCW was on the right track and was getting much better at promoting themselves by this point.


Then, we get a super cheesy video recapping the build for the Flair/Arn vs Mongo/Greene match.

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Good build to this main event match, pity they didn't actually do anything with it at the Bash itself. But I guess there was enough elsewhere to make up for it.


A fascinating insight into the Mongo/Greene training sessions follow--Kevin is inspired by the Slim Jim in his hand to pick out their "coach." Flair and Arn strike back by bringing in the Brain to coach them.

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I really like this build with the callback to the chokeslam spot from a month before. Giant still looks like a badass but Luger has a chance to win.


The Mongo/Greene stuff with Macho showing up at the power plant was a lot of fun as was Bobby giving a spirited promo and again looking more motivated in this angle than he did with anything else in his WCW run.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1996-06-10-WCW-Nitro] Lex Luger and The Giant brawl

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