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[1996-07-08-WWF-Raw] Ultimate Warrior vs Owen Hart


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Was this one of those deals whear this was taped before they actually knew this was Warrior's last night in?


Everything about this is just bizare, especally if the answer to the above question is no.

Given the circumstances I actually don't think they buried him nearly that bad. Even Vince on commentary kinda took the high road. Weird in every way

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They had taped a Warrior run-in or angle for the 7/15 Raw to follow up on this, but obviously it never aired.


Warrior gives Owen a lot here, but when he makes his comeback he looks clumsy and tepid even by his low standards. Somehow he's deteriorated further from 1992. Surprisingly low on heat, too. Cornette, Vader and Bulldog beat the crap out of him to end this with a very good heel beatdown.


I can't totally fault WWF for giving it another go-round with the Warrior--the Monday Night War had brought back a lot of lapsed fans and it wasn't inconceivable that they could have gotten the Jake Roberts lightning to strike twice but on a bigger scale. But the odds were probably against this working out from the start.

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Warrior gets almost no offense here, as they are clearly burying him as much as possible, knowing he's through.


Come on.:) Warrior beats the shit out of Owen for a good half of the match. Then he does give Owen more than you'd expect, but I'd say he was still on offense for more than half of the match.

It does seem they were expecting Warrior to return at some point, because they really don't bury him on commentary. Last match ever for Warrior in WWF, and his comeback in WCW would be one of the worst stint ever by a big name in a big company.

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I don't think this match is bad at all. Perfectly solid TV match with a strong Owen performance. It is interesting to see Owen work over Warrior for a few minutes. People rarely got to have any sustained offense on him. The post-match is a pretty good heel beat down. Warrior gets carried out & it's the 2014 WWE HOF before we see him again in New York.

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