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[1996-07-08-WWF-Raw] Interview: Shawn Michaels & Ahmed Johnson


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Shawn and Ahmed reveal Sid as their new partner, much to Cornette's chagrin. Sid does a great promo, but after the Hogan turn, it says a lot that this was the best they could do for a big moment (although I know Raw was a few weeks in the can at this point).


Cornette gets in a subtle shot at Warrior: "They've replaced the gas chamber with the electric chair!"

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What the hell is Ahmed saying ?

Sid comeback was not exactly exciting to me back then, but he was about to have his best stint ever, as a babyface (his best role anyway, his heel comeback in WCW in 99 was rotten).

Corny's selling of the unveiling is great, as is his promo.

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Sid's promo is awesome. Sid at his best is really entertaining because he's got a great look with tons of charisma. Cornette sells Sid's return like death. He does his best to put this over as a big deal. I like Sid much more than Warrior so I'll take this replacement.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1996-07-08-WWF-Raw] Interview: Shawn Michaels & Ahmed Johnson

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