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[1996-08-26-WCW-Nitro] Ted DiBiase debuts


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This was excellent. DiBiase comes through the crowd during a Giant-Duggan match, holding up four fingers and saying next week, five. Bischoff thinks he's going to join the Four Horsemen next week, and at the time, I thought it was painfully obvious he was joining the NWO. Still, well done, and interesting in hindsight that he came in during a Giant match the week before that turn to make that promise. It does beg the question of why the Horsemen didn't immediately come out and say he's not with us, but at this point, things like that were few and far between. WCW babyfaces didn't look as stupid yet as they would start to look later.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1996-08-26-WCW-Nitro] Ted DiBiase debuts
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This was a great moment. The funny part was in Hour 1 they really hammer home they dont think there's four. It is just mind games and there's only three. This after them playing up the major hook for months is that there will be four. So of course as soon as they downplay there will be four, here comes #4. I think you have to throw Horsemen idea out there just to add to mystery & intrigue. 

Other things of note on this Nitro: Juvytud & Jericho both debut. Juvy's debut goes better than Jericho's as he is against Kidman. Well at least in the ring, Juvy has a hard time cutting a promo in English and Mean Gene really lives up to the name, Mean as he is fucking a dick to Juvy and cuts him off. WCW overthinks Jericho's debut and instead of just letting him win against Wright. They have him not accept a countout win and instead it goes to a No Contest, which backfires and gets a lot of boos. I think they wanted to shoot an angle for his debut, but that was dumb. 

Jim Powers had a better than match than Rey Mysterio. As Jerry Lynn took a dump in the ring against Mysterio, while Powers had a really fun performance against the Dungeon, Sullivan & Bubba. 

Sullivan said he saw Mean Gene on Hogan's boat, but Mean Gene said it was Eric Bischoff. Good stuff there. 

The low-key Savage/Giant feud is very compelling. 

Benoit/Mongo want to gut-check their Wargames replacements in Sting/Luger in a compelling main event. The NWO beat down here is so damn good. The Best NWO Beatdown thus far! Hogan & Mongo was such a bizarre visual. I loved Flair & AA save which really felt like they would beat them back only succumb to the numbers game. Hogan spraypainting Flair's eyes and spraying Flair's hair black. That shit just got to me. I was revved the fuck up! It was go time! The way Flair sold as he was getting back in the ring. Flair is the GOAT, slam fucking dunk. Oh I loved Flair's promo after the match with RNRs. Saying he was too much man for Hogan, broke Liz, she couldnt stop laughing the rest of the promo which I loved. That was epic showering of the NWO with trash. Nuclear heat! 100% co-signed underrated beatdown that should be way more famous! Onto the next Nitro BAYBAY! Hogan spraypainting Flair in the eyes and then his hair is what made this next level for me. Awesome segment! 

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