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[1996-09-02-WCW-Nitro] Interview: Nick Patrick


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Gene Okerlund's little sidebar conversations crack me up. As they start this interview, Juventud has just finished a match and is going back to the locker room.


"Juventud Guerrera is a guy that just wanders around here, but that's another story", then goes right to the interview.


They replay a recent Sting/Luger vs Steiners match where Luger bumps into Nick Patrick and gets DQ'd for it. Patrick defends himself and wants to know why Luger isn't suspended for chasing him out of the building. Nick Patrick blames Gene Okerlund for making people think he's in the NWO.


Gene wants to know why Patrick recently has all these new expensive things, and Patrick says if Gene doesn't stop pushing these lies, they are going to end up in court.


Patrick is a good promo.


They cut to the parking lot with the NWO putting flyers on everyone's cars in the parking lot. They show DiBiase talking to someone in the parking lot. Who could it be?

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Loved Patrick putting Gene in his place. We get highlights (or the entire match) from a brilliant finish the previous week, as Patrick disqualifies Luger for bumping into him on the opening lock-up, leading to the chase and stolen squad car. Meanwhile, the Outsiders, Hogan, and Giant are plastering flyers over cars in the parking lot, while DiBiase is talking to someone inside a limo. Hmm, can't be any of the 4 other members of the NWO...

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Impressive performance for a referee. This NWO story is nailing just about everything right, including the sense of the NWO's creeping control over more and more of WCW. They draw it out enough and, even though it's obvious what's going on, it's not so explicit so that there's still a sense of suspense.

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