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This is a LOOOOOONG series of vignettes of the NWO hanging out at a hotel. I like Hogan's little "not anymore" sound byte, as WCW now has to allow the NWO free TV time.


Announcement #1


Nasty Nick makes a cameo!


Nash: "This is a little off the page. But isn't it amazing how you never see Bill Marriott and Ross Perot in the same spot?" He also says Debra wants him.


Announcement #2


The Nasty Boys show up.


Nash: "I had a pina colada with [Nasty Nick] at Trader Vic's in Zurich and his hair was perfect!"


Announcement #3


The Nastys make pigs of themselves eating all the food.


Kyle Petty from NASCAR makes a cameo.


Hogan has completely mastered his new gimmick by this point and is great.


Announcement #4


Elizabeth is around, seemingly against her will. Just when I'm about to talk about how they never explained that, they do, as Liz signed a deal with Hogan to get movie deals in exchange for doing whatever he wants her to do, and now, she has changed her mind and wants out, but can't.


The story here is that Savage shows up at a hotel with the NWO, where Hogan made Liz call and invite him to work their issues out. Savage sees them and is livid, saying Liz set him up yet again, and she's saying it's not what he thinks.


The Hogan/Savage build with Liz's involvement makes way more sense rewatching than it did at the time.

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Agreed about that "Not anymore!" soundbyte getting really grating really fast. Thankfully they didn't really include the Nasties in the nWo, that would have been awful. They do look like two idiots here. Scott Hall dropping the Full Metal Jacket "Me love you long time" line for whatever reason. Nasty Nick. Damn it's kinda creepy to see Hogan and Flair's kids during this Nitro era knowing how they would end up.


The Liz angle is actually really good and well done, and they made the most sense out of it. Gotta love the notion that we're supposed to think Hogan is a legit movie star.

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Nash on the Fake Sting: "He's the best impostor in professional wrestling!" Ha. He also compares Bill Murray to Ross Perot, a resemblance I don't really see. Hall asks Nasty Nick Hogan if he likes race cars--ooh, that's a line that seems different in hindsight.


The Nasty Boys show up, and the Giant has joined us. Saggs does the Ace Ventura butt-talking bit in impersonation of Eric Bischoff, which I understand real-life Eric was NOT amused by.


Kyle Petty is here as the Nasty Boys stuff themselves. Hogan cuts a promo on Randy Savage.


Now Liz is with us and doesn't seem to be enjoying it. Giant points out that Hogan is getting him movie roles even though he can't act. Giant did have a planned role in Liar, Liar that got cut. I don't think Hulk could get Brad Pitt or Kevin Costner, though. Really good wrap-up to this, as Liz makes her way out of the hotel room only to be confronted by a psychotic Randy Savage in the hallway. I agree that this angle is starting to make sense in hindsight, but the problem is I don't think the announcers ever actually elaborated on what the hell was going on, and we had to make it out ourselves. That's not the easiest thing to do in ideal circumstances, but many viewers were rapidly bouncing back and forth between Raw and Nitro making it even more difficult. We can criticize the WWF Sledgehammer of Plot but sometimes it's a necessary evil.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1996-09-30-WCW-Nitro] NWO Paid Announcement
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