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[1996-11-11-WCW-Nitro] The Outsiders and Larry Zbyszko


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NWO picketers come out of the entrance way, followed by Hall, Nash and Syxx. Hall says this Saturday, the NWO is taking over the Cable Ace Awards.


Hall says he has been watching Larry since he was a kid, the start of another long angle.


Hall also plugs the new NWO website. Nash tells Larry his shirt is nice and asks him if he got a cup of soup with that, which makes Tony legit start laughing on the air where he can't hide it.


Nash says they aren't content with just having Saturdays. The NWO wants Nitro. Nash suggests Tony and Larry sell their houses and get double wides because they're about to be out of jobs.

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Public Enemy hawk some Sting merchandise. Timely.


Hall, Nash, and Syxx are out with NWO picketers, and Hall promises that the NWO is going to crash the Cable Ace Awards this weekend. Hall quite reasonably credits the NWO for the success of Nitro. Nash isn't satisfied with one segment on Saturday Night, and declares that Hogan is going to help convert Nitro to an NWO program, based on the stipulations from winning WarGames. I'm not sure if this actually went anywhere.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1996-11-11-WCW-Nitro] The Outsiders and Larry Zbyszko

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