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[1996-12-02-WCW-Nitro] Interview: Roddy Piper


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They never directly pointed to it, but it's cool that they don't avoid Piper's history in the Carolinas. He definitely gets a "welcome home" type response. Awesome that this crowd was dying to boo Hogan forever and finally now they can do it without rebelling.


Piper tells a story about how the WWF wanted him to take a dive against Mr. T at Wrestlemania II and he refused, even though they made him fix his boxing gloves so that he couldn't clench his fists. It's the most shameful thing he's ever done, and if anyone thinks he's taking a dive for Hogan, they're dead wrong.


He then wants Hogan to come out, but the segment wraps up.


Stuff like that works well in small doses, usually better when it makes sense, which Piper didn't totally do.

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Okay, I absolutely love Larry Z dubbing the NWO leader as "Ed Wood Hogan." Piper hops around the ring to show the NWO just how much damage they did to his leg. Piper rambles as he's wont to do, but mostly keeps it on point. It's still a personal grudge with Hogan for him, not a WCW/NWO thing. With WCW Piper, you never quite know if he's sticking to the script or not, and I don't know if he's doing that when he's calling out Hogan "right now."

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Piper is usually not my favorite especially WCW era Piper but he struck a good balance here of unhinged and presented as someone crazy enough to take down Hogan and the NWO syndicate. That made the segment really effective and him utilizing the Charlotte hometown touches only emphasized the build.

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