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[1992-02-15-WWF-Superstars] Update: Double Main Event for Wrestlemania VIII


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Wrestlemania VIII now has a DOUBLE MAIN EVENT, when the concept was still novel. Flair and Savage do a pair of promos about the change in the WM main event. Flair hints that he knows something Savage doesn't know. Both are excellent, especially Savage.


Then, we get Sid and Hogan doing a pair of promos. Sid is much better as a heel of course.


I remember reading a local newspaper article about Sid at the time that shocked me -- saying that Downtown Bruno would soon be his manager, which turned out to be true, and also saying that Hulk Hogan would be retiring soon, before they started hinting this would be Hogan's last match in the buildup.


Anyway, Hogan accuses Sid of trying to MURDER Beefcake by threatening to punch him -- saying repeatedly he was not just trying to end his career, but his life.


I'm really looking forward to tracking the WWF's slow downfall throughout the year -- not because it excites me or anything, but just because I think it's interesting that they fell so fast.

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Wasn't like Sid really attempted a swing at Beefcake's face. I looked it more of Sid just threatening Brutus but not really going to go through with it. Just not believable enough for me to change the title match around. They should have had Sid lay out Beefcake but maybe he wasn't able to take any physical stuff yet.

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Flair and Perfect are seething mad. Flair warns Savage that he knows something that Savage doesn't. Intrigue!


Savage challenges Flair to say what he means instead of holding back on what he knows.


Sid lays out some arguments regarding Hogan's jealousy of him, and they're pretty hard to argue with. Very good promo from Sid.


So, wait, it was TUNNEY'S decision that Hogan had to come out of the WWF title match? That's kind of bullshit--I had always thought that Hogan had demanded a match with Sid after the events of SNME. Hogan cuts a whiny promo on Tunney and then tells Sid he couldn't lace up his boots. Way to put your opponent over, Hulk.


Three good promos and a subpar performance from Hogan. Hogan has done lots of good work on these Yearbooks, and some bad--but I'm getting to the point where I'm not going to miss him once the WWF goes Hulk-less for the rest of the year.

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If I was Jack Tunney, I'd be complaining to Vince like you wouldn't believe. What a hamhanded way to switch the title match from Hogan to Savage. Since when did Tunney ever listen to a heel? Since when did any organization president anywhere in wrestling ever listen to a heel? Talk about destroying his credibility. This could all have been avoided if Vince hadn't tried to swerve the fans by leading them to believe that Hogan/Flair had any chance of happening at Mania. The match should have gone to Savage right from the start, with Hogan/Sid penciled in as the other half of the double main event when the time came.


Flair was on top of his game, and he decided to play it cool all the way for once. He made out like he was mad about the switch from Hogan to Savage, but quickly recovered by making the first intimation of his affair with Liz. Curt's still improving as a mouthpiece; he's becoming a good table-setter for Flair. As for Randy, his promo was in the style of the ones he cut early in his feud with Jake; not much schtick, much more plain-spoken than you'd expect the Macho Man to be. It's a welcome change, as a lot of his earlier stuff was too crazy for even those who liked him to follow.


Sid was very good, although I didn't like the fact that he claimed to be bigger and stronger than anyone Hogan's ever faced before; that's Andre, period. He was doing the teeth-grinding and mumbling bits, but he still sounded articulate and intelligible. Hogan was a whiny twerp by comparison, especially with his continued verbal attacks on Tunney. For Pete's sake, Vince, if you want to turn Tunney heel (there's a mind-blowing concept if ever there was one), then do it. Otherwise, tell your top babyface and number one worldwide role model for kids to stop picking on him.


To add to the question of when the rumors that this was to be Hogan's last bout began, when did Whippleman/Bruno come on board as Sid's manager, and why him? I think Curt would have been good in Sid's corner, or if they wanted to keep him exclusive to Flair, how about Hogan's buddy Jimmy Hart?

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Wippleman was tight with Sid from their days in Memphis, and between that and the guaranteed WM main event clause Sid seemed to have more leverage in his contract negotiations than anyone in history until the big Bret Hart signing in '96. I learned a week or two ago that Big Bully Busick was basically brought in entirely on Sid's request as well.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-02-15-WWF-Superstars] Update: Double Main Event for Wrestlemania VIII

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