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[1992-02-22-USWA-TV] Interview: Jerry Lawler


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When you have a feud where four of the six wrestlers (counting JYD) consider themselves some type of dog, what do you expect them to reference? Sheep?


I kind of like the laid-back Lawler we get outside of the studio, as he tends to scream a little too much for my comfort in front of the public.


I'm surprised Lawler didn't mention his own feud with JYD from 1990, at least in passing. Then again, he was so disgustingly racist then that it's probably better that way.


I thought we had more Moondogs than Spotty and Spike. Maybe they're coming out of the woodwork later.


Just a few years earlier, a six-man featuring JYD and the Moondogs would have been a throwaway "main event" on Superstars or Challenge. Now, it's expected to sell out the MSC. How times change, even in a sport as backwards as wrestling can be.


Line of the segment: Lawler asking if the Moondogs go to a doctor or a vet to get medical treatment.

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