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[1992-03-07-WCW-Saturday Night] Public Service Announcement: Brian Pillman


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They did these with EVERYONE.


My favorites were probably Big Josh for the sheer ridiculousness of Borne saying it, the Freebirds for their delivery, and Dangerously, since he talks about it framed with kids wanting to some day join the Dangerous Alliance.

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I liked this one, too. Pillman goes into greater depth than Arn did; I wonder if he really knew someone who'd been suspended for steroids as far back as 1992?


This may be the first direct shot WCW has fired at the WWF over steroids, as Pillman references Dino Bravo's "world record" bench press attempt. Maybe he was talking about others as well, but I'm sure Vince took it as a personal insult, whether it was meant to be one or not.


Did anyone ever take any verbal shots at Luger in the first few weeks after his title loss? It sure seems like they had reason to, considering how bad Luger looked at SuperBrawl (and, to be honest, as far back as Halloween Havoc) and where he was going next.


They took it too far when they did a promo like this with Heyman. His character is so obnoxious that if he told me not to take steroids, I'd run out and buy a caseful because he told me not to. There are types of heels that can be used for something like this, but odious, spineless psycho yuppies aren't one of them.

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