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[1992-04-03-GWF] Barry Horowitz vs Danny Davis


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Maybe I'm biased from his Titan days, but everything about Horowitz, from the theme music and presentation to his presence screams jobber. After a quick start they slow it down and Davis wins the LHW title in what's presented as a big upset. Liked what I saw from Davis here but just can't get into Barry's act.



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Actually, I was more annoyed by the play-by-play guy than I was by Bruce. Bruce kept trying everything he could to engage the guy in some sort of give-and-take, but Webb just doggedly plowed ahead in calling the match as if he was afraid he'd completely lose his train of thought if he let himself be interrupted even for a second. He was definitely not a veteran wrestling commentator, and putting him in the booth with someone like Bruce was sort of unfair to him, truth be told. I wonder where Craig was this week.


As for the match, it was okay for a TV sprint, but if it hadn't been for the title change, it wouldn't have stood out at all. Barry's had a nice little run, but anyone who's seen both he and Davis wrestle can't possibly call this an upset. This wasn't a squash, but I always thought Davis would pull it out in the end.


Will Barry bounce back from this, or is he on a one-way trip back to Jobberville? I can't wait to find out over the next few weeks.

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