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[1992-04-04-USWA-TV] Eric Embry vs Dirty White Boy (Stretcher)


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Of COURSE a stretcher match ends in a DQ. Richard Lee swears that EVERYONE will pay a price for what happened earlier. DWB gets laid out, and when Embry comes in to celebrate, he gets nailed as well! They're about to inflict some more punishment on Anthony when Lawler and Jarrett are out with more weapons and another brawl is on.


Fresh blood in the Moondogs feud. I approve.

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When I put this on, I wondered how a stretcher match could last less than five minutes. Well, I got my answer, and I don't like it. Hooray for the unstoppable Moondogs and all that, but this is the second biggest feud in the promotion, and one of the people involved is leaving the territory. Surely we could have had some resolution to the match before the Dogs ran in and tore the place apart. There was nothing involving the Dogs that couldn't have been put off until next week. Ban them from TV for a week due to their past conduct and let Embry and Tony have the spotlight all to themselves. Of course, now that I think of it, I'm not sure Embry would have wanted to take the ride, and to have Tony sent out on a stretcher after all that Embry's done to him and Kim would have put a very sour taste in the fans' mouths, so maybe it wasn't a coincidence that this was the week when the Dogs started interrupting everything under the sun.


Before anyone says anything, I haven't seen the Lawler/Jeff angle preceding this yet, but I've read about it, and I don't think Richard Lee getting stripped naked is any kind of justification for ruining this bout (in a booking sense). That could have all been done the following week when Tony's (presumably) in Knoxville for good. We needed a good, long (as in thirty minutes or more) arena-style match that ended with Embry taking the ride, and we didn't come close to getting it. It kind of makes everything that's gone before an excuse to exploit and degrade Kim more than an actual wrestling feud, and I've about had my fill of angles like that from Jarrett Promotions, regardless of branch.

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I thought the intensity DWB and Embry had in their brawl was great and it made perfect sense that Embry slunk off while the Moondogs beat up DWB.  When the 'Dogs turned on Embry it was great too.  Lawler and Jarrett come out to avenge the earlier beating.  Funny how chairshots can put guys in the hospital (OMG, swelled brain!) but you can also come back a few minutes later to avenge them on TV.

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