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[1992-04-25-USWA-TV] Brian Christopher vs Tom Prichard


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From the 04/20 Mid South Coliseum show. Just highlights, but the action looks good. Chain match on a pole. Brian Christopher decks Eddie Marlin, who's the special referee, with the chain. Marlin gets something out of his pocket and gets a receipt, which leads to Pritchard regaining the title.

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This was more about Brian getting his comeuppance than Dr. Tom winning the title. Besides, Dr. Tom only has to appear one more time to drop the belt. Knoxville to Memphis isn't exactly a cross-country journey.


At any rate, I'm not sure how I feel about Eddie trying to take the chain away from Brian. It just seems like too much physical involvement from a referee, though of course it pales in comparison to Eddie knocking Brian cold with whatever that was in his hand. It will be interesting to see where Brian goes from here; does he regain the belt from Dr. Tom the following week, does he feud with Eddie by proxy (and who would the proxy be?) or both?


This feud was destined to be way underrated due to it happening at the same time as the Dogs-Lawler/Jeff feud, but it's consistently delivered good action in the stuff we've seen, and Brian has shown that he'll be a force to be reckoned with in Memphis for some time to come.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-04-25-USWA-TV] Brian Christopher vs Tom Prichard
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Odd to say, but at this point Brian Christopher is farther along than Eddie Guerrero when we've seen him. 

As an aside, what is the deal with all the national TV networks not wanting all the "violent, hardcore wrestling", but Memphis had kids show up all the time and it's hard to find matches without foreign objects involved.  And that whole Moondog thing.

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