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[1992-05-17-WWF-Wrestling Challenge] Interview: Randy Savage


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"10,000 people will tell 10,000 lies."


That's Savage's response to Gene Okerlund saying that Flair and Perfect have promised to unveil even more damaging information about Liz soon.


Savage says titles are temporary so regardless of what the future brings, Flair should remember that "My WWF title was mine before it was yours!" GREAT line!


This is really good.

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Awesome line but it would have had more impact either before WM8 or (not to keep harping on this) with Savage still chasing the title.

They really made a mistake switching the title to Savage as soon as they did. This feud just didn't have legs after Savage beat Flair in their first encounter, where it could have continued all through summer.

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Interesting that they continued to push Liz as the centerpiece of the angle when she'd already left the road. Maybe they thought she'd be back at some point even if her real-life marriage to Randy ended. That would change in the next few weeks; I guess they got the final word that she was gone for good.


Honestly, I don't know what other allegations Flair and Curt could possibly make at this point. I guess we'll see soon, because they have a segment coming up. I love Gene trying to sell that there just might be something to all of this in spite of Randy's denials. Way to keep pitching, chrome dome!


Gino had a good idea about Randy suing Flair for alienation of affections. Too bad we didn't get a response from Heenan, as we were coming up on a break.


I agree with Pete about "The title was mine before it was yours". It doesn't make a lot of sense here, although it's still really clever. But it wasn't Randy winning the title that cut this angle off at the knees; the title was an afterthought from the start. It was Liz leaving the road and ceasing to be a character in the storyline. Once the love triangle portion was over, there was no need for Flair to challenge for the belt anymore, especially since Vince never really saw him as WWF champion material, at least for any length of time. Thus, the way was clear for someone Vince thought more highly of (Warrior) to challenge Savage at SummerSlam.

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