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[1992-05-23-USWA-TV] Eric Embry vs Brian Christopher


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Somehow the bottom rope has gone missing, forcing Embry and Christopher to work a match with no rope-running. The Moondogs bide their time before running in. Embry refuses to back down and is actually holding his own for a bit against Spike, Cujo, and Lee. Just as he's about to get overwhelmed, Lawler and Jarrett make the save.


Embry reiterates his pre-match promo about getting revenge on the Moondogs, while Lawler cuts a motormouthed version of his standard church-bulletin promo (even hyping a Gospel Jubilee!)

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Good lord, I love these Eric Embry promos. All the intensity of Warrior, and you can actually understand WTF he's talking about. A fun little TV match follows, with a funny line of "This one's for Prichard!" then the Moondogs run in and all hell breaks loose. Embry is so tough or nuts, that he no sells the board shot.

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The idea of Embry being some sort of avenging angel for Dr. Tom after the way they broke up amuses me. I wonder if Corny ever tried to get Embry to do a guest shot in SMW; he'd have fit right in as a third Heavenly Body, even on a one-time basis.


For two guys working in a ring that was almost collapsing around them, Eric and Brian do a fine job here. Eric being so angry that he just wants to pound on Brian works perfectly here, as neither one of them have to run the ropes or go to the air. Of course, we get a Dogs run-in, and I completely buy Eric being so mad that he doesn't feel the board being cracked over his head.


Nice cameo by the Power Twins, whom I thought had left the business after their stint in Abrams' UWF.


I guess we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Coffey's supposed to be the heel in the Coffey/Marlin situation, because Embry not only accuses Coffey of protecting the Dogs, but says that he can't hold a candle to Marlin as a promoter. Yet another sign that hell has indeed frozen over in Memphis.


Lawler and Corey Maclin as gospel singers? I pity the folks at that jubilee!


Nice to know that Lawler's team swept the doubleheader last week. Keep 'em rolling, Kingfish!

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The ropes that were left were super loose too.  Embry's pre- and post-match promos were both amazing.  Loving this run in Memphis.  Was waiting on the Dogs run-in, good match bit it was doomed from the start.  Brian Christopher has really good heel mannerisms.  Fun brawl with the obvious save.

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