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[1992-08-01-USWA-TV] Jerry Lawler & Jeff Jarrett vs The Moondogs


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Lawler and Jarrett regain the USWA tag titles. Tremendous nearfall gets us started. Then, we see Richard Lee getting his head shaved. Lee comes back with the Agassi hat and vows revenge, saying something about bringing in Fifi, the sister of the Moondogs (not Ric Flair's maid).

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A satisfying babyface victory in all aspects--Lawler and Jarrett win the tag titles and Richard Lee's hair. Big "BALDY" chants as Lee despondently accepts his fate.


The heels come out to the studio for an interview and OH MY GOD Lee looks exactly like late-'90s Paul Heyman. He met a voodoo lady down in Louisiana who restored his hair and is bringing in a female Moondog, Fifi, to take out...Lawler and Jarrett? Well, not sure who his target is, but Lee continues to entertain.

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At least something substantial finally happens to a heel in this feud, even if Lee's back the next week with voodoo hair. I'll say this for the man: he accepted his shaving with no complaint that we saw, which is a refreshing change.


What's the deal with this Fifi? Is she supposed to be coming after Lawler and Jeff now? I have no idea how that's even going to come close to working except if it's a guy in a very ugly wig, which knowing Memphis it probably is. Couldn't they have sprung for Randy Colley (Rex) instead?


I'm willing to keep going with this feud a while longer, but it seems to be running out of steam, at least as a program at the top of the card. Soon the Dogs need new targets, and Lawler and Jeff need to drop the tag belts and get back to the singles ranks.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-08-01-USWA-TV] Jerry Lawler & Jeff Jarrett vs The Moondogs
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