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[1992-08-08-WWF-Superstars] Ric Flair and Ultimate Warrior / Stu & Helen Hart


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Ultimate Warrior is being interviewed by Gene but is interrupted by Ric Flair. Gene can't believe someone would interrupt someone's interview time. In wrestling, I know! He tells him Mr. Perfect is in negotiations to manage Randy Savage against him at Summerslam. But Flair has good news -- it's not etched in stone! Flair's involvement in the main event is generally well-remembered, but him also talking about being the WWF champ by Summerslam muddied up this angle a little.


Stu and Helen talk about the Bret/Davey Boy match at Summerslam. Helen does all the talking saying the tension is affecting the family. I really liked the build to Bret/Davey Boy.

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Flair being such a cocky, laid-back motherfucker is a fun contrast to the Warrior. Flair declares that Warrior/Savage will only be a #1 contenders' match for Flair's title, then drops the big news: Savage is in negotations for Mr. Perfect to manage him at SummerSlam. Everyone involved seems awfully quick to believe Flair. Warrior actually gets to a compelling point at the end--he's willing to do anything and pay any price to win the WWF title.


This is what booking looked like before triple threat matches existed, kiddies. I probably prefer this approach, and I remember the tag match against the Nasty Boys and post-match angle being a killer.

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I'm not really sure what to make of the Warrior/Flair stuff. It certainly seemed like the crowd was rooting for Warrior to make a deal with Curt at the end, but the while thing doesn't seem logical. Why would Flair and Curt care who wins at SummerSlam if they firmly believe (as they do) that Flair will hold the belt by then regardless? By all rights, they should just let Savage and Warrior beat each other to death, then swoop in and pick up the garbage, as it were. That would mean that two top contenders, perhaps the only true threats to him on the roster, would be eliminated.


This seems more like a rather flimsy reason for Flair to make the trip to London despite (inexplicably) not having a match. If I was promoting, I'd either find out what a triple threat match is or dream it up quick, because this is about as tailor-made a situation for one as has existed up to this point in time. If that's not feasible, what about making Flair the guest referee? Yes, it might make the match a bit of a circus, but who honestly thinks that we're getting any sort of clean finish anyway, considering who's involved? To go all the way to London, even with a full payday, just to stand at ringside and do nothing? If I'm in Flair's shoes, a return to good old TBS in Atlanta, GA is starting to look awfully good.


By the way, did anyone catch Flair's reference to Warrior's big house in Phoenix? I guess we just found out where Parts Unknown is really located! :D


The stuff with Helen Hart is only good because it formally acknowledges Davey and Bret as brothers-in-law. She's not bad, exactly, but it would have been more interesting if she'd sided with Bret, being that he's the one she gave birth to. Stu just sat there, saying nothing and looking like he wasn't even sure why the camera was there. No wonder everyone made jokes about him.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-08-08-WWF-Superstars] Ric Flair and Ultimate Warrior / Stu & Helen Hart
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I thought Warrior's part at the end about paying any price for the WWF title was really good.  It put over the title as the end-all, be-all.  Not sure I would trust Flair on much at this point.

Helen doesn't like the Hart family being split and all the tension.  Seems very natural as a concerned mom.

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