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[1992-08-21-AAA-Sin Limite] Angel Azteca & Solar I & Super Astro vs Blue Panther & La Parka & Rambo


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Yes it's AAA, but I do have high hopes for this being awesome, as I really like all of these guys. The opening fall matwork between Panther and Solar was sensational, I could have watched that for another 30 minutes. There are some amazing wrestlers in this match. Super Astro stands out, like he always does, but WOW is Solar awesome. The best AAA match I've seen on any yearbook to date. Really good mix of high flying matwork, heel/face structure, comedy and brawling. Low-end MOTYC.

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Incredible first fall. Panther and Solar are fantastic together but all the technicos shine. Azteca doesn't look like a guy who lost it after 1990 and Astro is always compelling in a "how did this short fat tub DO all of that?" way. The first fall has me thinking this is going to be one of the all-time great trios matches and unfortunately it doesn't quite keep that momentum up. The second fall wasn't bad but it did have some of that AAA stuff that annoyed me as well as Astro mesmerizing the rudos by dancing a jig, which is shit that belongs in Chikara or something. And more stuff with a heel referee--it's kind of telling that Dr. Morales says the words "Chocolate" in reference to him more than any other word in calling the match. I don't mind heel referees but since they never seem to get a comeuppance or payback that I've seen, they only seem to get in the way. Really hot closing stretch brings this back up to being an excellent match, with Astro doing possibly the nuttiest thing I've ever seen in lucha with a somersault headbutt to the floor with Rambo laying on the ground. They actually work eliminations into the finish instead of 3 teammates all being pinned at once--it goes quick but it's something different. Best Blue Panther stuff of the Yearbooks so far and God, I need to see more Solar.

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At least I could figure out who everyone was here except for Solar and Super Astro. Couldn't they have worn different color masks or had "Solar" and "Super Astro" on their tights?


I now realize that my problem with trios goes beyond not knowing who the workers are. Their structure just doesn't do a thing for me. In the first fall, the tecnicos dominated and the rudos were too dumb to come in out of the rain. The second fall saw the opposite; the rudos suddenly looked like the most together team in the world, while Solar and Astro did nothing about Azreca's mask being ripped, which is supposedly the supreme humiliation for a luchador. At least they started shoving the refs around in the third fall; it's not something I advocate, but it at least showed that they cared.


It seems like there's been a mask ripping (or at least a tease of one) in every AAA match I've seen on the set so far. Doesn't that cheapen the idea of the luchador losing his mask? I can understand wanting to do something to put your new company on the map, but making one of the most traumatic events that can happen to a masked guy into what seems to be almost a weekly occurrence doesn't quite seem like the way to do it.


I liked the elimination style of the third fall and hope we see more of it. All of the guys on one team being pinned or submitting at once is not only formulaic, but it reinforces the fact that what we're seeing is a work. If one of my teammates was eliminated in a match like this, you can bet that I'd fight like hell to stay alive and take down as many of the opposition as I could while I was at it.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-08-21-AAA-Sin Limite] Angel Azteca & Solar I & Super Astro vs Blue Panther & La Parka & Rambo
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Best AAA match so far for sure.  Opening mat exchange was amazing.  I know I complained about Eddie Gilbert punching the ref with a chain a couple of times blatantly a while back and how it shouldn't be allowed without repurcussions.  I take it back here. Punch that bald fuck over and over until he's out.  The match will improve.  Great dive in caida 3 by Astro, who is such a surprisingly good to great worker.

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