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[1992-08-22-WWF-Superstars] Interview: Bruce Hart


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Bruce delivers a third rate heel Owen promo talking about Bret's big head and how Davey Boy will win at SummerSlam, all while wearing a DBS shirt. Fortunately they picked the right Hart brother for a heel run when the time came.

Apparently they really wanted Bruce for Owen's role but Bret insisted on Owen.

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I've always wondered where they got the idea for Owen's King of Harts character. I agree with those who say that Owen did it with a ton more style than we saw from Bruce here. Still, the idea's planted that at least someone in the family's on Davey Boy's side so he isn't reduced to being just "Bret's challenger".


It doesn't look like anyone else was contacted to throw in their two cents; I guess Owen was busy in Japan.

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