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[1992-08-30-WCW-Main Event] Cactus Jack vs Dustin Rhodes


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This was fairly good for what it was. We got some nice mat wrestling from Dustin, a few wild bumps from Mick, and a non-finish that actually sets up another bout the following week instead of just being forgotten. Not too bad for only eight minutes.


Interesting to hear Hayes as a heel again after the recent babyface run of the Freebirds. Did they ever turn him or did he just show up in the booth and start badmouthing people? He and JR work as well here as they ever did in the UWF, which is to say very well indeed. He's nowhere near Jesse's class, though.


I thought JR's musings about the various names for the clothesline were hilarious. We need just a little more of that sort of thing from him at appropriate times.


You know they were pushing Mick hard if they had Steamboat put him over. Too bad it never really amounted to much, at least not in WCW.


Quite an eclectic cast for JR's radio show. Something tells me that Simmons and Mick weren't on at the same time, though.


Looking forward to the rematch!

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-08-30-WCW-Main Event] Cactus Jack vs Dustin Rhodes
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Liked how they put over Foley here.  Both as a dangerous competitor and a weird character without one getting in the way of the other.  Hayes is great along with Ross, way better chemistry between the two than Jesse had with any WCW announcer.  We got a Lance Russell mention, which always makes me sad.  The greatest wrestling announcer ever and he is on non-TV duty??  Anyway, fun match with Dustin playing the babyface technician who gets goaded into a wild brawl.  Wondering if anyone watching this in real time in '92 would have guessed the career trajectory of either guy.

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