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[1992-09-26-USWA-TV] Interview: Jimmy Hart / Interview: Dream Warriors


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Jimmy Hart sends in another great interview. Not quite as good as the previous one, but still way better than his WWF stuff.


Then we get the Dream Warriors, who I don't recognize, with a manager that's some type of Paul E. clone. They have decent charisma.

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They're still acknowledging Jimmy Hart's suspension from the Mid-South Coliseum, which goes all the way back to his departing the territory in 1985! Let's see any other promotion pay that much attention to detail. The Howard Hughes Connection consisted of Mr. Hughes and Jeff Gaylord--I don't know where the "Howard" part comes in. You have not lived until you've seen Jeff Gaylord wrestle in a shirt, tie, and suspenders.


Two goofs in facepaint--Screamer and "Brue"? Bruise? Brood?--are coming to Memphis with some Tony Rumble wannabe manager, who's angry about "something said at a social gathering." Holy shit, what a heavy issue to fight over.

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This is how a manger gives a promo. Says he hasn't been back to MSC for 7.5 years and can't come back until Eddie Marlin lifts his suspension. Talks about Money Inc, Nasty Boys and then the Howard Hughes Connection. Promises a video every week until he gets rid of Lawler & Jarrett.


The Dream Warriors promo is garbage, but who cares?

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Ronnie Lottz just made the mainstream news last week. He's the restaurateur in Chicago who refuses to get rid of the two way mirror in the lady's john. Frankly, he always looked like a low-level heroin dealer so him being as sleazy as he always appeared seems right.

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Well, if you're Jerry Lawler and you've recently tried to create a new Sting, why not try to create a new '90s version of the Road Warriors. Brue/Bruise is Hawk, Screamer is Animal, and Ronnie Lottz is a slightly more demented version of Paul Ellering who's mad at something Lawler supposedly said about him at a "social gathering". Why Lawler would want to hang out with someone like him, Lottz never says.


I kind of like the idea of a team that beats up heels and faces alike, but isn't that the Moondogs' job? They turned Embry face, it looks like they'll turn Eddie Gilbert face soon, so what do we need another team like that for, even if their gimmick looks a little different? Change the package a bit, wait for the Dogs to go completely stale, give them a more compelling reason to go after Lawler (none of which they did, apparently) and you may have something.


Turning to the Colonel, there was a little too much WWF for my taste this go-round. The hyena laugh and bad "Hart attack" puns were in full force, and it seemed like he was just going through the motions like he has so many times up north. I would rather have seen his appearance in the studio and his unveiling of the Howard Hughes Connection. Actually, Hughes and Gaylord seem like a team that Vince had interest in that was sent to Memphis for some seasoning before being called up to the WWF. I have no way of knowing if that's true, but it seems natural that Vince would want to sign and push two monsters like those. (He eventually signed them both anyway.)


I agree that the attention to detail concerning Jimmy's from the MSC was tremendous, probably unlike any other promotion in the U.S. at the time. Too bad the angle died before he could make his eventual triumphant (for him, at least) return.

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