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[1992-10-03-USWA-TV] Interview: Richard Lee / Jerry Lawler & Junkyard Dog vs The Moondogs


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A giddy Richard Lee Heyman is out to buy the WMC studio and make it LeeTV. Clips from the Memphis Fairgrounds of Lawler & JYD vs. the Moondogs with the Moondogs getting a tag title shot if they win. Lee supplies wonderfully obnoxious two-faced commentary, and the Dogs get the win with the help of a "scientific finishing maneuver" (a bone to the head). Jarrett's not arrived yet, so Lee has to wait for his title shot. Lee is still happy, because he gets to bring out his newest protoge, the TAZMANIAC!

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They had to get the belts off of Lawler and Jeff somehow, so there was due to be at least one last major confrontation between the two teams. What I don't understand is how beating Lawler and JYD gets the Dogs a title shot. Where was Jeff? Was he out injured or something?


I notice in the clip that Grandpa Eddie says that the Dogs will have to wait for the match because Jeff isn't at the studio yet; I don't like where that could be leading. Watch out, King!


Richard Lee turns in his best performance in quite a while, and his chemistry with Dave is amazing. The match itself isn't much at all, but hearing Lee almost bust a gut with happiness over outsmarting Lawler and defend the Dogs' blatant rulebreaking at every turn is worth the time. Hopefully we see more of this Lee in the future.


From facepainted freak to the Human Suplex Machine, Taz came a long way in a hurry, and thank God for that!

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-10-03-USWA-TV] Interview: Richard Lee / Jerry Lawler & Junkyard Dog vs The Moondogs

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