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[1992-10-03-WCW-Saturday Night] Cactus Jack & The Barbarian training


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I actually enjoys the Cactus Jack/Barbarian tandem quite a bit, and Cactus was perfect in the role of cuting promos for a freak like Barbie. The training sessions were fun. I admit Barbarian was given more credibility during this period than during his entire WWF stint.

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Let me get this straight: Mick was injured and couldn't wrestle himself at Havoc. so they put him with Barby as a sort of Curt to Barby's Flair. Well, there are worse roles, I suppose, and Barby's not exactly a talker, but why not a Vader rematch? Was he booked in Japan on October 25? The last time I checked, Barby was teaming with Dick Slater and going after the soon-to-be defunct U.S. tag titles. How did we get here from there? Did Watts even try to explain how Barby got to be the number one contender, or were we just supposed to take him at his word that Batby was? He (Barby) would have had more singles credibility if he'd jumped back to Vince and challenged Bret at Survivor Series; at least Vince tried to give him a singles push a couple of years back.


As good as Mick is on the mic, these vignettes will have to do a lot of convincing to get me to believe that Batby should be challenging Simmons. It'll be at least as steep a climb as any Mick could devise, I'll tell you that.

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