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[1992-10-04-PWFG-Stack of Arms] Naoki Sano vs Jerry Flynn


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The January match is way better than this one. It had more time to develop, and there was far more excitement and meaningful shifts in momentum. This is a perfectly fine match, but there's nothing really special about it compared to everything else going on at the time. The last 2-3 minutes are great, but the early stuff really isn't.

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What we said at segundacaida:


Naoki Sano v. Jerry Flynn


PAS: Sano was the show stealer for a bunch of the 1991 PWFG so I am amped to see him back. The opening was basically kickboxing, and Sano has some great leg kicks, just tremendous velocity and force. There was some really nice mat stuff too, and a really hot finish. All you would want from an undercard shootstyle match


TKG: Yeah these two match up nicely. Last time they matched up it was more Flynn as the better striker vs. Sano as better mat guy. Here story a little more complicated as both bring different types of skills to the stand up game and different types of skills to the mat one. And you have a sense that either can play into the hands of either wrestler. the throw into the finish was super great too.

My memory is that I felt that there was more going on in this match than the earlier one but maybe simple is better. This was basic disagreement between me and Phil when watching the PWFG, as I liked when Flyn moved back and forth between carefull defensive wrestler and aggressive kicker, Phil thought Flynn was more effective when he was more one dimensional,



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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-10-04-PWFG-Stack of Arms] Naoki Sano vs Jerry Flynn
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