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Funny how Gibson not being around doesn't really result in the match losing much. This was really good. My only issue was that when Gibson finally did show up to help Morton, why did the match have to be thrown out? Shouldn't it have continued?

Yes and yes. The match signed was the Bodies vs the R'R so it didn't made sense to throw the match because Gibson showed up. And yes, Ricky Morton is so great that at times you really feel Gibson was happy to be there for the ride, as showed by his very dull and uninteresting solo matches.

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I think this is a legal precedent that goes back to Rousimoff v. Piper, when Andre got carried off during a tag match and then came back, and the match resulted in a DQ. Killer Kyle helps the Bodies overwhelm Gibson & Morton, and the Bodies go to work on Gibson's hand ("so he can never talk to his mother again!") Good match and angle even if the match ending didn't make the greatest sense. Have Gibson come in swinging a chair or something.

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Not sure what airs on the Yearbook, but the TV show is built around Robert Gibson not being there as he had been to visit his mother in the hospital after surgery. Throughout the episode we get updates that he is on his way back and hopefully should be here later on. Eventually with the show getting late, Morton says it doesn't appear he will make it back in time and asks them to postpone the match until next week. Cornette and the Bodies show up with Cornette clucking like a chicken and then saying how Gibson is getting even with him for what he did to him in the past. He calls Morton a loser and says that he has no friends or family and that the only person who speaks to him is his father Paul Morton, and the only reason he does is because he is drunk all the time and doesn't know who he is. Morton slaps him and tells him that you don't talk about his family and that they are going to get that fight and he heads to the ring followed by the Bodies. The match itself is very good with Morton dominating early until he gets bumped out of the ring. Prichard posts him and he blades, then the Bodies go to work on him for the rest of the match with Cornette telling them to 'punish' him. Eventually Robert Gibson in street clothes rushes to the ring to aid his partner. Cornette and Killer Kyle both get involved to help the Bodies and they turn their attention to Gibson attempting to injure his hand.


This was a real good match, a solid post match and a tremendous one man performance from Morton all the way throughout the show. Imagine if this had been done the other way round and it was Gibson cutting the promos (mumbling over his words) and wrestling the handicap match against the Bodies? No, me neither. Morton really did make Gibson so much more interesting once he arrived in SMW.

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I'm not sure about this one. The idea looked good on paper, but this felt too one-sided.


To put it another way, they had two great angles here, Morton fighting by himself and Gibson's hand being injured. They could have spread them out over two weeks, or even three; they had a lot of time before Thanksgiving Thunder. But they did them both at the same time, and it just didn't work for me. It seemed more like Corny the booker wanting to put over his star heels as unstoppable more than anything else, and he's going to get worse in that regard as time goes on. I especially didn't like him chasing out the jobbers singlehandedly, even with the racquet; that should have been Kyle's job as the muscle. I can understand him wanting to get his licks in on Ricky and Robert, but he should try in the future not to look too much like Mike Tyson doing it. A few shots here and there is fine, but going right in there with Lane and Prichard like he was a combatant was too, too much.


Dutch didn't help on commentary either. He's not good when he gets too heelish, much like Jesse Ventura. Doubting Gibson's story was fine. Talking about how tired Morton would get trying to fight two guys and how he let his emotions get the best of him was tremendous. Going on and on about how gutless Morton was when he was trying to fight two guys by himself was going too far. Worse yet, that meant Caudle had to go out of his way to defend both Morton and Gibson, which isn't his strong suit either. This isn't Saturday Night's Main Event, where Vince and Jesse threw logic and common sense to the winds on commentary so that the Saturday Night Live fans who tuned in by mistake would know who was supporting the faces and who was supporting the heels. Bob and Dutch work best when they sprinkle their biases lightly into their otherwise objective mic work, Down and Dirty excepted.


The promo work beforehand was the highlight, and Corny was especially good. He did a great job mixing in the Morton/Gibson feud from WCW, telling Ricky that Robert was finally paying him back for his initial turn. You also believed every word when he said that he's been waiting to catch Rock 'n' Roll like this since 1984, especially since it's true and every long-term fan knows it. The crack about Paul was rather cheap, but it worked fine to get Ricky in the ring for his beating while at the same time taking Robert out of the equation even if he showed up. Once Ricky challenged Stan and Dr. Tom to get in the ring without Robert being there, the regular tag match that had been signed for was superseded, and the scheduled match became Morton vs. Lane and Prichard. That's why Robert coming in caused Ricky to be disqualified; he was now an illegal participant.


Even though I've watched most of this feud through the SMW set, I don't remember this angle being on there, and some of the promos didn't make it either, so I'm excited to see the week-to-week progression as it continues to unfold. Who thought that the smallest of America's four major promotions would have not only its hottest tag team feud, but maybe its hottest feud, period?

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-10-24-SMW-TV] Rock & Roll Express vs Heavenly Bodies

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