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[1992-10-31-WWF-Superstars] Bam Bam Bigelow vignette


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This was a lot better than the Battle for Bam Bam in '87, which took so long that even at the age of twelve I wished he'd hurry up and get here already. He never quite clicked in that run; maybe this one will be different.


Good grief, Eagle, the man only said a few words. How can you tell whether he should talk or not yet? Besides, there were no managers left to put him with. Jimmy Hart was turning face soon, Fuji had Yoko coming, Curt was with Flair exclusively until he turned, and Bruno/Wippleman was a complete waste of space and had Kamala to boot.

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Yeah, I've always thought of Bigelow as a perfectly good talker. He's the type of good talker who probably is better with a good manager anyway a la the Road Warriors, because how's *he* going to book flights, negotiate title contracts, etc., but he was effective cutting multiple kinds of promos in multiple roles.

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If I was watching this in 1992, I would have been enthralled by this tease. Any fan who'd been around since his last run in 87/88 would know his reputation and welcome him back to add some freshness to the roster. Any new fan would see this crazy big dude with flames on his head and get excited to see him squash some jobbers. 

For a first week tease, did its job well. Could have been a face with all the major names dropping out, but I'm guessing it was a combo of the last face run not going amazing and needing to fill the void of Nailz, Kamala, Mountie and other guys that weren't working out.

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