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[1994-10-01-SMW-TV] Interview: Ole & Bryant Anderson


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Bryant running up and down a hill. Ole introduces his son Bryant Anderson. They put over his amateur background and wrestling background. They call out Tracey Smothers. Bryant isn't the most charismatic on the mic but promo is okay. Ole kind of cuts him off. The Andersons are on the way.

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I've always envisioned Ole as sort of a demented football coach/gym teacher, the kind you see in bad teen movies, but about ten times scarier. That still comes through here. This is my first time seeing Bryant and he actually has a tremendous look--big and he looks like he'd kill you just to see if his joints are still healthy. They're after Tracy Smothers over something that happened between them in college.

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A taped interview sent in from Atlanta, and Ole has Bryant running up and down a small hill before getting him to join him. What gets Ole these days is that everyone is dressed up in these fancy jackets, they’ve got all these great entrances with music, but the one thing that’s missing, and Smoky Mountain Wrestling is going to see it, is someone who wrestles and does it better than anybody else. There is one guy in particular that they are looking for, one guy that made a mistake when Bryant was in college, one guy who came down to try and show everybody how great he was, and that’s Tracey Smothers. Smothers better get ready to do a little roadwork himself because when the Anderson’s get to Smoky Mountain Wrestling, everybody is going to be in for a big surprise. Bryant can’t wait to take that amateur career that took him to the state championship, to the junior national team, to the AAU and apply all that wrestling knowledge along with the skill and knowledge that he gave him to Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Bryant says that he didn’t wake up one day and just decide that he wanted to be a wrestler, he didn’t play basketball or football in college, he wrestled and does it better than anybody else today. He’s got the scientific knowledge in his head, the heart and the body for it. Four years ago Tracey Smothers said something to him and he hasn’t forgotten, he made a big mistake and it’s time for Tracey to go back to school because the Anderson’s are coming.


Good debut for Bryant who seems capable on the mic and appears to have a ton of potential. Certainly plenty more than someone like Mike Furnas who also came from an athletic, wrestling family and that they previously tried to heavily push.

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