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[1994-11-23-WWF-Survivor Series] The Undertaker vs Yokozuna (Casket)


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Chuck Norris is the perfect special enforcer. Though I would have loved seeing Jeff Speakman out there also. Bundy and Bigelow show up at ringside but they don’t have the guts to challenge Norris. They are really only providing a distraction as I.R.S. sneaks up in the ring to attack Undertaker which leads to the awful Corporation feud. Undertaker comes back and Yokozuna’s only hope at this point is Jeff Jarrett! Yikes, the weakest person from the Royal Rumble set up. I see Danny Davis is still a referee at this point. Should have called Tenryu to back you up again. Yoko disappears for a few months.

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Last few minutes. Chuck Norris stands at ringside and faces off with the heels trying to run in on Yokozuna's behalf. IRS comes in the ring from behind and attacks Undertaker. Jeff Jarrett finally takes a bump for Chuck just before Undertaker wins the match, breaking the Japanese flag and throws in the casket with Yoko, as Vince points out that we have seen the last of Yokozuna.

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Chuck Norris is hilarious as the special enforcer. IRS tries to spoil the fun and puts Taker in the casket. Taker arises and fights back. Norris kicks Jarrett away and Taker puts Yoko in the casket for the win. This was fun for the most part.

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Chuck fuckin Norris...OK, today that woudl be badass due to all the recent years of Chuck love...


But in '94 it was lame....there are like 6 guys coming down and no one wants to challenge Walker, Texas Ranger? I get suspending reality and all, but maybe have Chuck get tied up with a few guys kicking ass while another maybe sneaks by....but I woudl have not done any of that, as I wouldnt have done what htey did at the Rumble (I wrote my thoughts on that in January '94 thread)


Instead, have your match, Taker about to win, then have one guy maybe run-in (Bigelow would be my choice) to break it up, then Taker goes after him, Yoko attacks....goes up, hits 3 or 4 Bonzai drops....goes to gloat, Taker sits up....Yoko sends him down...goes up for another Bonzai, but Taker sits up before he can hit it..Yoko stuck on ropes, Taker pulls him down, Yoko hits hard...Taker proceeds to beat him from there (Maybe choke him out since Tombstone is out of the question) and rolls him into Casket...bye bye Yoko...Taker is back and took Yoko's big moves, no sold them and won....Then you move on to Million Dollar feud, but with Bigelow....

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  • GSR changed the title to [1994-11-23-WWF-Survivor Series] The Undertaker vs Yokozuna (Casket)

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