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[1990-06-23-WWA] Terry Funk vs Stan Hansen


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Lots of stiff foreign object shots to start with, and Funk takes an absolutely ridiculous bump off the ring apron. It wasn't a big Nestea Plunge like Cactus Jack, just something that looked like it could have torn his groin and ACL at the same time. Eventually the brawl moves outside the ring area, where Funk teases taking a backwards bump into the river, but manages to hold on and apply the SPINNING TOE HOLD on the motherfucking river bank in the middle of a crazy brawl. Then Hansen kicks him off and into the river he finally goes, then a BODYSLAM into the river for good measure. STAN HANSEN HAS BEEN DISQUALIFIED FOR THROWING TERRY FUNK INTO THE RIVER--even by the standards of BS finishes set by Hansen on American soil in the past, that is a new one. The fight continues into the utility trailers/locker rooms, with Hansen trying to break through a door a la Michael Myers and eventually he pulls Terry out by the bullrope.


Amazing. The spinning toe hold on the bank was almost as much fun as the bodyslam.

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Looks like they just set up a ring in a park. Hopefully we are wearing our sun screen. Great stuff. The end up on a river bank. So Funk goes for the Spinning Toe Hold and right away you know he's pretty screwed due to the common counter to the move. And yes he ends up in the river. Awesome. Stan thinks he needs another soak though and then bodyslams him which draws a disqualification and a hilarious announcement from the ring announcer. Lot of fun.

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This was an experience, to say the least. I'd red this thread before I saw the match, so I knew what some of the spots would be, but this one still has to be seen to be believed. The only wrestling hold in the whole mess was the spinning toehold, and that was only done to set up Terry being kicked off into the water. Otherwise, this was the kind of match that Paul Heyman was fantasizing about having regularly when he took over ECW.


Even more than the announcement of Hansen's DQ, what cracked me up was someone actually directing the people where to go if they wanted to see more of this match that was supposedly over. Usually we get promoters or announcers on the mic begging for help in breaking stuff like this up.


The only drawback was the fan cam, which wasn't anyone's fault, I suppose. Still, it would have been nice to see more of the ring and the wrestlers and less of the grass and the milling crowd, which we actually saw the referee, of all people, in the middle of several times, striped shirt and all.


This is the kind of match that everyone needs to see in their life........once.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-06-23-WWA] Terry Funk vs Stan Hansen

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