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[1990-07-07-USWA-Championship Sports] John Tatum and Bill Dundee


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Tatum, for once, delivers an intense, heated promo. Tessa is like the women he used to pick up in bars: at 8 o'clock she looked good, at 10 o'clock she looked great, at midnight she was a goddess, and when he woke up at 10 the next day she was a dog! Great interview. A first-blood match for Friday's Sportatorium card is hyped.


Dundee rebuts in a taped segment.

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Tatum talks about his wild days with picking up ladies at the bars and how the more booze he drinks the hotter they are. I do enjoy Tatum’s short jokes of Dundee. We are getting a first blood match.


Dundee has come to expect losing titles or matches by cheating ways but does not accept his lady getting superkicked.

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If Bill and Tessa were a real-life item (as apparently they were), maybe they were uncomfortable going on with the romantic triangle, especially with Tatum, who was actually involved in a triangle that turned real (although he was on the losing end with Eddie Gilbert and Missy Hyatt).


I kind of liked Tatum ditching the jilted lover routine and just going off on Dundee. I also liked his line about Tessa; that probably resonated with more audience members' own lives than anyone could ever know.


First blood always seems like a tame sort of match for a blowoff, but they tend to deliver. We'll see if this one does.

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Tatum says that Tessa reminds him of his old wild days when he’d go to a bar at eight o’clock and she’d look good. Come ten she’d look a little better, at midnight she was beautiful and as two in the morning she was a goddess. He’d wake up at ten the next morning and she was a dog, and that’s just what Tessa is, a dog! When he went to those bars there used to be a punk in every one, and they would call him ‘the punk slapper’! Bill Dundee wants a first blood match with him, well he’s the biggest, sorry shortest, punk he knows! He’s going to hit him in his face, knock him out and he’ll be bleeding like a pig.


Good promo from Tatum mixing the serious with comedy by making those digs about Dundee’s height. Good delivery from him too. Craig Johnson appears to be struggling to keep a straight face whilst Tatum is cutting this.


Dundee cuts a rebuttal and says how it’s going to be a first blood match at the Sportatorium on Friday 13th. That’s a scary night and it’s going to be scary night for John Tatum. He asked for the match because what he did to Tessa was uncalled for. Beating him, punching his lights out, even stealing the belt, you expect that in professional wrestling, but you don’t want a 240lb man superkicking a woman. He’s going to be in his face from the time the bell rings to the time it’s over. Pinfalls don’t count, the only way the match ends is when someone gets busted open, and he promises to everyone that ‘Hollywood’ John Tatum is the one who’s getting busted open.

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