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[1990-07-14-USWA-Memphis TV] Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee, Dirty White Boy, John Tatum and Eddie Gilbert


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  • 2 months later...

Lawler is back out with the baseball bat. Before he even gets into his current feuds, he has to run down his upcoming personal appearances. That's how you know he's turned babyface again.


We get Lawler/Dundee vs DWB/Tatum from Mid South Coliseum, which looks outstanding based on what little we see and has a really hot crowd. Lawler and Dundee lose the match by TECHNICAL LOSS after piledriving John Tatum. Tom Burton runs in and the Dirty White Boys attack Lawler and Dundee while Tessa and Dirty White Girl brawl away from the ring. DWB grinds a high heel into Lawler's forehead until he bleeds.


Lawler says this week, we'll have Lawler/Dundee vs Dirty White Boys this Monday night, but Tessa and Dirty White Girl will each be handcuffed to their respective corners of the ring. The winning team gets to unlock the handcuffs of their valet, who gets to do whatever she wants to the handcuffed valet. I'm not sure that setup is legal.


We cut to a taped promo of Bill Dundee and Tessa also hyping the match.


Then, DWB and Kimberly are out and aren't happy about how the match was set up on Monday night.


We then cut to a post-match promo from Monday night of John Tatum nursing his neck while John Tatum screams. Tatum is great selling this. "I got an 86-year-old mother at home, and she's gotta eat, too!" He gives this ridiculous sob story about having a broken neck and being sidelined for six months, but what he cares about more than anything is that his mother can't eat.


Back at the studio, DWB is wondering what he is going to do because Tom Burton can't be his partner because of the piledriver earlier on the show, and neither can John Tatum. Eddie Gilbert then comes out and says he'd be delighted to be his partner. Gilbert seems excited to finally have something to do, after spending nearly a year doing nothing in WCW.


Dirty White Girl should never talk.

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After the events of Monday night, Tessa and the Dirty White Girl will both be handcuffed to their respective turnbuckles and the winning team's valet can do whatever they want to the loser. Both valets basically promise to strip the other and this is possibly the sleaziest match stip of the pre-Monday Night War era.


Lawler has illegally taken out two of Tony Anthony's partners with the piledriver. John Tatum laments the fact that his 86-year old mother can't eat because doctors say he'll be on the shelf for 6 months. Anthony laments his own situation until Eddie Gilbert comes out to set things right. It's Anthony & Gilbert vs. Lawler & Dundee Monday at the Coliseum.

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Again USWA hypes of a match by essentially saying someone is going to get stripped. How many times did they tease this and not deliver before fans got sick of it? This was a long and weaving segment but it accomplished a lot and made Gilbert look like a star. Tatum continues to be my breakout star and is hilarious in his promo.

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Lawler plugs his appearances. He’s putting his hair on the line in a softball game. Well that’s interesting. Clip of tag match against Tatum/DWB. Tessa and Dirty White Girl are rolling around on the match. Tessa’s dress was pulled up. Spike piledriver on Tatum for the DQ finish. Lawler and Dundee get beat down after the match. Lawler and Dundee will face the Dirty White Boys. Tessa and DWG will be handcuffed to their corners. Winning team gets to unlock their valet first. Lawler says Tessa will strip down DWG.


Dundee repeats the match stipulations that Lawler stated. Tessa will pull off DWG shirt. Anthony is not pleased with DWG having to be handcuffed. Close up shots of DWG. Previous recording interview with Tatum having a towel wrapped his neck from the piledriver. He thinks his neck is broken. Poor Tatum. Who’s going to feed his 86 year old mother. Back in studio and Gilbert tells Anthony he doesn’t have to worry about finding a tag partner.

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  • 2 years later...

These beatdowns at the MSC are getting ridiculous, especially since Lawler apparently also had to wrestle Snowman later in the evening for the Unified title. No wonder people thought of Snowman as a joke champion; the only reason that his one credible challenger can't beat him is because he's been beaten half to death by two guys earlier in the same night. Look, I love babyface Lawler as much as anyone, but if they had to keep him tweener for another couple of weeks to finish the Snowman feud once and for all, I'd have lived with it. No wonder Snowman left with the belt if this was all the respect he got from Jarrett.


As for the upcoming stip match, what else are you going to do with Tessa and Kim? They can't wrestle, or even catfight decently. The only value they have is as teases, and if anybody actually thinks they're going to be stripped naked in front of the world and left that way while the respective men in their lives do nothing about it regardless of any signed contract, they're completely braindead. Of course they're not going to follow through on the stips; it's all about how creative the screwjob's going to be, and this being Memphis, I have no doubt it'll be ingenious.


Tatum's promo was hilarious, as almost everyone else has said. I used to think he was a real lightweight, but he's been a treat on both sides of the USWA, and I don't think he'd have been used quite as well anywhere else.


The girls need a ton of promo help if they're going to do anything useful here. I've noticed that the camera's stayed away from showing any male violence against either of them, so maybe Jarrett did learn from what was happening in Dallas.

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  • 8 months later...

Jerry Lawler first of all runs down some of his upcoming appearances, including a triple header Softball game in Jackson, TN. One of those games is against a group of fans from Philadelphia, where ‘The King’ and one of the fans are both putting their hair on the line. Whomevers team loses will stand on home plate and the other person will then shave their head bald.


Before he talks about wrestling we go to a video from Mid-South Coliseum of Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee vs Tony Anthony & John Tatum. Dundee with the hottest of hot tags to ‘The King’, who pulls down the strap and unloads on both Tatum and Anthony who pinball for him. Double noggin knocker and great stereo punches from Lawler and Dundee to their opponents. The Dirty White Girls hooks ‘The Superstar’s’ ankle as he rebounds off the ropes and Tessa then chases after her. They end up in the ring and have another lame looking fight, while their dresses ride up and give everyone shots of their pantyhose clad butts. Spike piledriver to Tatum, and Lawler and Dundee are disqualified. Tom Burton is out to help his Dirty White Boy partner, and Anthony clobbers Lawler in the head with his boot busting him open. The White Girl manages to escapes Tessa clutches and heads to the back with Tessa in hot pursuit. Anthony grinds one of the White Girl’s heels into Lawler’s cut, and Tatum wraps a chain around his fist to nail Dundee with as they continue to triple team them. They get hold of Tessa, but the Dirty White Boy just throws her to the canvas. I thought they were actually going to piledrive her, but I’m guessing they’re keeping the ‘man on woman’ violence to a bare minimum in Memphis! The heels have finally had enough, leaving their opponents laid out and Lawler a bloody mess in the ring.


Back in the studio and Lawler says how you sign a contract to wrestle John Tatum & Tony Anthony, but it ends up with you wrestling both of the Dirty White Boys. John Tatum is a ‘little under the weather’ after what happened, as he’s got a stiff neck or something, so this Monday night it is going to be himself and Bill Dundee against the Dirty White Boys. There are some added stipulations for the match though. So that there isn’t that much distraction (as ‘The King’ can’t help but look when there are young ladies with dresses over their heads!), Tessa and the Dirty White Girl will both be handcuffed to their respective turnbuckles before the match starts. When the match is over, the winning team will be able to unlock the handcuffs of the girl that is in their corner, and she then gets to do whatever she wants to the other girl. The Dirty White Girl likes to come out here in her short skirts, trying to tease everybody and showing off her body, well Tessa has told him that when they win the match and uncuff her she’s going to go round and tear every piece of clothing off her body. They’ve got a date Monday night and he’s really looking forward to it.


A taped Dundee and Tessa promo and ‘The Superstar’ says that if the Dirty White Girl behaved like a lady then she wouldn’t have to be handcuffed, before recapping what Jerry Lawler just said and the stipulations for Monday night. Tessa says that the White Girl humiliated her on TV by trying to tear her shirt off, now it’s her turn. When Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee win they’re going to uncuff her and she’s going to walk over, slap the White Girl’s jaw and rip her clothes off because nobody ever does that to her! Dundee says that he’s gunning for Tom Burton because he’s the one who came and backstabbed everyone. Monday night it’s going to be a fight and they’re going to find out how bad it is to be humiliated.


Tony Anthony and the Dirty White Girl are out to speak with Dave Brown, and Anthony doesn’t like it one bit that the White Girl is going to be handcuffed this Monday. He tells Jerry Lawler that he’s the one who keeps interfering, and he’s the one who stuck his nose where it doesn’t belong. He then says there is some tape that he wants them to play.


Dressing room interview with Tony Anthony and John Tatum after the match at the Coliseum on Monday. The White Boy can’t believe that Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee would stoop so low and they don’t know if John Tatum’s neck is broken or not. ‘Hollywood’ John is in agony and has a towel wrapped around his neck to support it. He tells Lawler and Dundee that he has an 86 year old mother at home and she needs to eat! He thinks his neck is broken, but doesn’t care where it’s at and doesn’t know where it will be, but they better watch their back as John Tatum is going to get them. The doctors have said that he won’t be wrestling for six months but he doesn’t care about no doctors, what he cares about is his momma who isn’t going to be able to eat!


Back to the studio and Dave Brown says how the White Boy has one partner who is out of action and another who may be out of action. Anthony questions that isn’t the piledriver illegal in Memphis? Where is Eddie Marlin? That’s two partners and what’s he supposed to do? Out walks Eddie Gilbert and he tells him that he doesn’t have to worry about a partner any more as he’s got one right here. Gilbert says everyone has been wondering where he’s been for the past two months, well he’s been in seclusion in Lexington, TN, getting meaner and nastier than he’s ever been. For two years he had to be Mr Nice Guy, but he’s not going to be Mr Nice guy any more. When Bill Dundee and Jerry Lawler hear his name they know he can get down to the same level as they can, they know he might get a little fire or pull out a chain. This Monday at the Coliseum ‘The Superstar’ & ‘The King’ have got to face the Dirty White Boy & ‘Hot Stuff’. The Dirty White Girls tells Tessa that when she gets uncuffed she’s going to snatch that bleach blonde hair out of her head and snatch her clothes off, and from what she saw last week, it’s not a pretty sight! Gilbert then says that there will be no charge for this, no charge!


A lot to talk about here. Lawler must have been super confident in his Softball team to put his hair up in a match against some out of towners. That, or the Softball match is going to be as worked as the wrestling! The tag match from Mid-South Coliseum looked tremendous from what we saw and the hot tag was something else. Again I thought the beat down probably went on longer than it needed, but at least ‘The King’ was selling the cut he received in his studio interview (unlike that beating Dundee took the week before). I have low expectations when it comes to these women talking, so in that aspect I didn’t find their respective interviews that offensive. It is pretty sleazy selling the match on the basis that one of them is going to get stripped, but it is probably the best use of these two as the action is dire anytime they have to get physical with one another. John Tatum continues to be a hoot and as others have said, he must have had some serious issues to never get a shot in the NWA or WWF. Gilbert looks motivated and excited to be back in the USWA and this Monday’s tag match should be a cracker. My only gripe about all this is that Tom Burton has been put out after a piledriver, John Tatum has a ‘suspected broken neck’ after a spike piledriver, Bill Dundee takes two spike piledrivers and a horrendous beating on top and walks around without a mark on him and as if nothing has happened. All in all though, some fantastic stuff here.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-07-14-USWA-Memphis TV] Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee, Dirty White Boy, John Tatum and Eddie Gilbert

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