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[1990-07-21-USWA-Memphis TV] Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee vs Dirty White Boy & Eddie Gilbert / Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee and Dirty White Boy & Eddie Gilbert


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  • 2 months later...

More highlights of good stuff from MSC. DWB pins Dundee after Burton runs in to roll him on top for the pin. The referee ended up reversing the decision even though he didn't see the offense, which is just not cool any way you look at it. Tessa makes her way over to Dirty White Girl, but DWB intervenes and handcuffs her again and turns the tables so Dirty White Girl can get unlocked and attack Tessa. This is overbooked - if they were going to get to the same end result, why even reverse the decision? I guess they felt like stripping Tessa down to her bra would make up for that little bait and switch. Jarrett and Travis are finally out to run off the heels.


Lawler is out for an interview. He's *beloved*, and all is well in the world again. The heels come out to try to triple team him and Dundee is out with a baseball bat before they can do anything and we have an awesome studio brawl. They hype the rematch this Monday night, and this time Tom Burton will be handcuffed too, so we won't have a repeat of last week. Uh, that wasn't exactly the problem.


Tessa speaks! I think she's a drug addict!


After the commercial break, we get a furious Dirty White Boy wanting a Texas Death Match! I support this idea. Dirty White Girl tries, but she should not talk.


I love this feud! Michael St. John is a solid announcer too.

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Highlights from the big MSC tag. Dundee gets a pin on Anthony after Jerry Calhoun is bumped, but Tom Burton runs in and clocks Dundee and rolls Anthony over on top and a groggy Calhoun awards the match to the heels. Until Lawler, Dundee, and the fans convince him otherwise. Well, he DID count Anthony down and then raised the wrong hand afterward, so I'll buy the fact that Calhoun "reversed" the decision on his own because he isn't really reversing anything. If that makes any sense.


Post-match goes about as expected (as Michael St. John tacitly acknowledges on commentary), as the DWB grabs Tessa and re-handcuffs her to the post and releases the Dirty White Girl, who rips off Tessa's top in order to bring some much-needed class to this feud.


Lawler comes out and says that Dundee and Tessa are in Texas but have sent in a videotape, and that brings out Gilbert & the DWBs. As they're ragging on Lawler for being so stupid as to show up in studio without help, we and the heels get SWERVED as Dundee suddenly comes running in with two baseball bats and the brawl is on with the heels getting run off. This Monday is the same stip as before except that Tom Burton will be handcuffed as well as the valets. Lawler and Dundee more or less spell out that the Dirty White Girl will get stripped naked.


Gilbert and the DWBs come out for an awesome psychotic heel interview demanding that the bout be a Texas Death Match. Gilbert brings up his burning of Lawler years ago and promises to bring out some things that you thought might have gone away. Kimberly even cuts a pretty decent promo by her own standards. Great studio segment.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Brief clips with Dundee pinning Tony Anthony. What? Apparently Anthony won this match. Okay, so had to rewind. Why would the ref count a three without looking??!!! I hate awful officiating. Anyways they did a switch when Burton came down after the original three count and flipped Anthony on top of Dundee. So the referee ends up listening to the crowd and reverses the finish for the Lawler/Dundee victory. The camera angle isn’t the best but Dirty White Girl rips off Tessa’s shirt anyways.


Dave Brown is missing again. Lawler out for a brief interview before being interrupted by Gilbert, Dirty White Boys and Girl. Dundee saves Lawler with a bat. Trick by Lawler as he previous said Dundee was down in Texas. New stipulation as Burton will be handcuffed along with the women.


Anthony wants to go one step further and have a tag team Texas death match. He wants Lawler and Dundee to bring their baseball bats. Gilbert is upset that Lawler set up a trap for them. He was only out to congratulate who great a wrestler Jerry is. Dirty White Girl’s overdoing it with the hairspray.

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Dundee really is a pretty terrible boyfriend. Not only does he let her get kicked in the head in Texas but now he agrees to a match where she's handcuffed to the post when the heels outnumber them.


Anyway, this feud is pretty great and I'm so glad Lawler is a babyface now. Really liked the visual of Bill Dundee throwing in a bat from out of nowhere too.

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I could understand Calhoun being mixed up at the finish, but they should have at least let Tessa go to work on Kim for a few seconds before Anthony made the save. Like Loss said, if Kim's going to come out of this basically unharmed, why not just have the heels go over? And these beatdowns are still too long. Lawler and Dundee could have been beaten to death and Tessa stripped totally naked by the time Jeff and Travis finally showed up. The babyface locker room should have anticipated something going wrong and been at the ready, but then again, if they were crafty they'd be on the heel side.


Lawler pulls the best swerve in some time back in the studio, in essence tricking the heels into coming out to prey on him, then springing Dundee and Tessa from out of nowhere as the crowd and Michael St. John go wild. I wasn't sure where the first bat had come from until I saw Dundee cleaning house. They acknowledge Dallas here, so the ignorance of continuity seems to go mostly from Dallas toward Memphis. I guess Papa Jerry figured that since Dallas had their own favorites like Chris Adams and Kerry Von Erich (at least at the time) they had enough solid guys and potential angles on top that they didn't need the Memphis guys and their angles too. So far, they've been right for the most part, but am I the only one who would like to see a ladies' tag at the MSC with Toni and Tessa against Jeannie and Kim?


At any rate, we get basically the same match as last week, with the added bonus of Tom Burton being handcuffed at ringside as well. I like Tessa promising to strip him naked along with Kim, which I'm pretty sure Lawler and Dundee understandably no-sold. Tessa's mouth might have just gotten ahead of her brain, as happens to rookies (and lots of veterans too).


What could possibly be next in this feud? Can't wait to find out!

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  • 8 months later...

A few choice highlights from the tag match at Mid-South Coliseum where he valets were handcuffed to the turnbuckles. Referee Jerry Calhoun somehow gets bumped, but we miss it as the camera is focusing on Eddie Gilbert and Jerry Lawler fighting at ringside. Dundee covers the Dirty White Boy and a groggy Jerry Calhoun counts the three. As soon as he’s made the count Tom Burton is out, nails Dundee in the back of the head and then puts the White Boy on top of him. A still groggy Calhoun crawls over, calls for the bell, and seeing the Dirty White Boy on top, raises his hand. Lawler tries to explain what’s happened, that the White Boys had switched the position, and then encourages the crowd to tell Calhoun this too. Anthony denies this, but Calhoun eventually reverses his decision and declares Lawler and Dundee the winners. They unlock Tessa, but as she makes her way to the White Girl Tony Anthony grabs her, drags her back around to the turnbuckle and handcuffs her back to the ring post. Tom Burton is back out, and while he and Gilbert are handling Lawler and Dundee, Anthony goes and uncuffs the Dirty White Girl. She heads for Tessa, and with the White Boy’s help, starts tearing her clothes off. This all happens in the opposite corner to where the camera is so you don’t see much at all, but just about catch Tessa in her bra. Presuming it was designed to be that way. Jeff Jarrett and Billy Joe Travis finally make the save and the heels get out of there.


Back in the studio and no Dave Brown this week as it’s Michael St. John at the announcer’s desk. He says what happened was a travesty and wants to get Jerry Lawler out so they can talk about what we just saw. As he’s making his way around ringside to St. John, three black lads are over friendly, wanting to shake his hand and give him a hug. When he reaches the announcing desk ‘The King’ jokes that he thinks he’s just been mugged! Lawler says that it did get out of hand Monday night, but that was down to the stipulation. The girls had promised to rips each other’s clothes off, rip each other’s hair our and that’s what they expected to see. The problem was that they won the match and the wrong girl got uncuffed. They want to get that settled this week, and while Bill Dundee and Tessa are not here today as they’re in Dallas, he’s got some videotape comments from them. Before we get to hear the comments, Eddie Gilbert, the Dirty White Boys and the Dirty White Girl are out to confront Lawler as Michael St. John tries to keep the order. Gilbert tells Lawler that he used to think he was smart, but after what happened last time he hasn’t bought anyone with him and is on his own? He says how Texas is the safest place to be for Dundee and tells Lawler that they’re going to beat his brains out. The crowd start making a bit of noise, and it’s Bill Dundee who throws a baseball bat to ‘The King’. They take out the White Boys and Gilbert with the baseball bats whilst Tessa and the Dirty White Girl get it on in the ring. Tony Anthony is eventually able to get Kim out of the ring and the four of them retreat to the back.


Lawler says that he’s not the idiot that they take him for and he knew full well that they’d try to do what they did last week, but this time he’s got Tessa and ‘The Superstar’ with him. They’re ready for them, and the added stipulation for this week’s match is not only are Tessa and the Dirty White Girl going to be handcuffed, but so is Tom Burton. After they get through with Eddie Gilbert and the Dirty White Boy they’re going to uncuff Tessa, and then she’s going to do a number on the White Girl too. Tessa says how two on two, Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee can beat anybody, and she promises to tear every piece of the Dirty White Girls clothing off because no-one humiliates her like that. Dundee says two on two they’ve been whipping everyone for the past ten years, that’s not going to change and they’re going to see how much of a woman the Dirty White Girl is!


We return from a commercial break and the White Boys, Eddie Gilbert and the Dirty White Girl are livid. Anthony says that he’s sick, week after week, of Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee coming out here with their ball bats and trying to cripple him. He tells them that if they’ve got the guts, to show up at any arena in the country, bring their ball bats, some chains and some chairs, as he’s challenging them to a Texas Death match. Gilbert says that he came out here a few years ago and burned their precious ‘King’, but then everybody got scared and wondered why he did that? He then burned a couple more people, pulled out a few chairs out, a few chains and then Eddie Marlin came out and told him that he had to leave the area as they were threatening to suspend him. He comes out here today and gets set up in a trap! He’s never seen anything like it before since he’s been wrestling! Michael St. John tries to say that they came out here ‘three on one’ as they thought Jerry Lawler was all alone, but he claims that they came out here to congratulate him on what a good wrestler he is! When St. John says ‘with chairs and garbage cans’? Gilbert then says that they don’t know what he’s going to do to them! As a kid, the men he watched fight were Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee and they’d use anything they wanted to. Well he wrote the book on being dirty, and for the Texas Death match they better bring their baseball bats as he’s planning on pulling out a few things that everyone thought had gone away. The Dirty White Girl then says that she’s going to snatch Tessa’s bleach blonde hair out of her head one more time, rip her clothes off and advises everyone to bring a barf bag, because if they could see what she sees close up, they’d be sick!


Again the highlights from the Mid-South Coliseum looked good and it’s a shame we don’t have the full match. I’ve no problem with the finish, as in my eyes Jerry Calhoun was still groggy and a bit confused about what was going on. I did think it was a way to get out of the pre-match stipulation of one of the girls being stripped, but fair play, even though it was the wrong one, they did keep to it. The angle in the studio with Dundee showing up was great and I totally bought that he wasn’t there and ‘The King’ was on his own. I thought the ‘Dundee in Dallas’ was a way to cover for him not being on the show (like what they did with Jimmy Valiant being ‘on the phone’ earlier in the year), but then he turns up out of nowhere. Tony Anthony is superb on the mic here, Gilbert has already slipped into my top five talkers of the year so far, and even the girls weren’t bad either.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-07-21-USWA-Memphis TV] Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee vs Dirty White Boy & Eddie Gilbert / Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee and Dirty White Boy & Eddie Gilbert

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