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[1990-08-04-USWA-Championship Sports] Interview: Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee / Tessa promo


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Lawler and Dundee are interviewed with their trusty baseball bats. They discuss Sam Lowe's heel turn and new alliance with Gilbert. Does anyone know which magazines he took pictures for? Lawler does most of the talking and does a fantastic job.


They cut to a taped promo with Tessa, who reminds me of Robin Sparkles with a Southern accent. Kidding aside, she's a decent talker but I still find it humorous that such a big deal was made of her in two territories.

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The PHOTOGRAPHER who had his camera taken by Gilbert has turned heel and cost Lawler & Dundee the match at the MSC. Glorious--I'd have paid honest to God cash to see this angle run with Bill Apter somewhere. This sets up a stretcher match for this Monday. In addition, Tessa meets the Dirty White Girl in an 8-years-before-its-time first-to-get-their-dress-ripped-off-loses match.


Tessa sends in a taped promo. Eddie Marlin has banned her from the studio on account of her promising to strip the Dirty White Girl the next time she sees her.

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This promo was done on the Memphis Saturday morning show; you have it listed here as being on the Dallas Saturday night show, guys.


At any rate, this is fantastic mic work from Lawler as always, explaining the various matches we're going to see the following Monday and also the heel turn by Sam Lowe the photographer. Is there any other territory where a heel turn by a cameraman actually feels like something important? I can't think of one.


The only thing Dundee does here is introduce Tessa's promo. It's weird that she refers to the man she supposedly loves as "Dundee", but to each her own, I guess. For what seems like the thousandth time, a stripping of one or the other of the two girls is teased, but I'll believe it when I actually see it, Eddie Marlin's decrees be damned. By the way, how many Tessa fans are there, really? It doesn't seem like there would be too many if she wasn't hanging around with the King and the Superstar. Don't let your head get too big, girl!

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Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee have got their baseball bats and are with Dave Brown. ‘The King’ says that over the past few weeks every time he and ‘The Superstar’ come out with a win, something happens so that they don’t end up getting the satisfaction. Somehow they have always turned the tables on them at the end and this week was no different. He doesn’t know how he did it, whether he paid him money or promised to get him into the wrestling profession, but Eddie Gilbert got to Sam Lowe. He’s known Sam for years, he’s taken his pictures thousands of times and now all of a sudden he’s hitting him over the head with a camera at the end of the match? That cost them the match but it’s not going to happen again. Eddie Gilbert and the Dirty White Boy can plot all they want, but he doesn’t care who they have sat in the audience or bring down to ringside with them, because ‘The Superstar’, himself and their two baseball bats are going to spoil all their plans. This week it’s a stretcher match and the match continues until someone is carried out of there on a stretcher. They don’t have to worry about Tessa and the Dirty White Girl this week either, because before this match they are going to finish their business in a ‘back alley street brawl’. That means that they’re going to walk into the ring full clothed, they’re going to go at it like they want to, and the only way it will end is when someone is stripped of their clothes. Tessa isn’t with them, but Dundee tells the Dirty White Girl to pay attention as they’ve got some words from her.


Tessa says that the reason she’s not with Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee is all down to the Dirty White Girl. She said that the next time she saw her there was going to be a stripping, but Eddie Marlin said that he was having no stripping on his TV show. At the ‘back alley street brawl’ it’s just going to be the two of them, no Dirty White Boy, no Tom Burton and no Bill Dundee. When she gets in that ring she’s going to scratch the White Girl’s eyes out, rip her hair out and rip her dress right off! She promises all her fans that the Dirty White Girl’s dress is coming off, and she will see what it’s like to walk back from the ring humiliated.


Back in the studio and Jerry Lawler tells Eddie Gilbert to bring Sam Lowe with him as he wants to finish what they started on last week and let him taste a little bit of his baseball bat!


I was looking forward to seeing highlights of the tag match from the Mid-South Coliseum, but sadly none made the Yearbook. I’ve got Trent Warren’s run of the Evansville feed of Memphis TV and did check the relevant episode of that, but nothing on there either. Guessing it was either not taped, or for some reason they just chose not to air it. Dundee was surprisingly quiet, but when your partner is Jerry Lawler there’s not really much need for you to do any talking, just leave it to ‘The King’. Tessa’s improvement on the mic continues and she was solid here, first promo I can remember her cutting by herself without ‘The Superstar’ by her side.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-08-04-USWA-Championship Sports] Interview: Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee / Tessa promo

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