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[1990-08-24-NWA-Power Hour] Louisville Slugger: Ric Flair


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I really hate that they keep doing all of these interviews in front of a green screen instead of a live crowd. Flair has no idea who the Black Scorpion is, and he's not associated with the Four Horsemen. Well, he was telling the truth at this point. Flair is so phased down at this point -- he's one of the Horsemen, not the leader of the Horsemen.


Flair shoots a little about how there are powers that be that are trying to push him out of the picture, but that they won't be able to do it, no matter how hard they try.

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The Black Scorpion is NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE HORSEMEN, no way, nuh-uh, not at all, Scout's honor. The Horsemen don't hide behind masks.


After almost cutting a babyface promo for the first half of this, Flair takes some shots at the Turner brass and compares himself to Joe Montana and Sting to "a punk named Steve Young." Flair again makes challenging for the U.S. belt out to be the most natural, logical move in the world. Kudos to him for making this booking work. He then cuts another shoot-ish promo on Luger's wrestling skill or lack thereof to close things out.


I don't need these interviews to necessarily be in front of a crowd but I do wish they'd invest in a proper set for either Cornette or Paul E. if not both.

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Green screen does take some out of this and who knows this could have been done early in the morning with Flair not exactly in the best position. The booking has really gone off the rails as Flair seems so rambled jumping from Black Scorpion to the Turner execs. He also was arguing with Sting about his rematch a few days ago and now is rehashing his feud with Luger for the Clash.

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Another great promo from Flair. Most people would see him challenging for the U.S. title as a step down, and it is, but Flair makes it seem like the best title you can have if you're not the World champion, which isn't the way they handled that title a lot of the time.


For once, a football reference on WCW programming actually ties into wrestling, as Flair compares his situation to that of the San Francisco 49ers quarterbacks, with Flair as the Joe Montana-style "old pro" and Sting as the Steve Young-style "young punk". Only problem is, "Young" has not only made the team, he's got the trophy! I get Flair's point, however.


I don't really know what to make of the Scorpion stuff until I actually see some of it, but at this early stage it seems like they might have had the idea of making the whole thing a Horseman mind game, which seems infinitely better than what ended up happening.


As usual, Corny has the line of the night: "If you were any more open (about your lifestyle), you'd be in jail."

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Jim Cornette has a very special guest tonight who is going to clear up a few of the mysteries in the world of professional wrestling, the six time champion of the world, and soon to be number seven, Ric Flair. Flair says how it’s good to be here and he hopes Jim is right about that seventh time! Cornette says at Clash of the Champions on September 5th, it will be Ric Flair challenging Lex Luger for the U.S. title, and Sting will be defending the World Heavyweight title against the Black Scorpion. He queries that a lot of people think that this is some sort of plot by the Horsemen, and asks Flair if he knows who the Black Scorpion is and whether he is associated to the Horsemen? Flair says that he has no idea who he is, and he guarantees everyone that the Black Scorpion is not associated with them and has nothing to do with the Horsemen. If a member of the Horsemen had a shot at the World title, their name would be in large black letters on that contract against Sting, not the Black Scorpion. They don’t conceal their identity and are very open about their lifestyle! Cornette wonders what he thinks about Sting not defending the title against him, although winning that U.S. belt from Lex Luger would catapult him right back up there for a title shot match with Sting. Flair says that there are ‘powers that be’ in the Turner Organisation that would like to see him on the sidelines, taught a lesson, humbled! If he has to step over Lex Luger at the Clash of the Champions to get to Sting, then that will be the goal he lives for until that night. Lex Luger is a prima donna, has no reputation and is walking on thin ice! If he wants to beat Ric Flair on national television he better show him a lot more than he has in the past!


Guess they’re not bypassing Flair/Luger after all!

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-08-24-NWA-Power Hour] Louisville Slugger: Ric Flair

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