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[1990-08-25-USWA-Memphis TV] Interview: Eddie Gilbert & Dirty White Boy / Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee & Austin Idol vs Dirty White Boy & Eddie & Doug Gilbert


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  • 2 months later...

Footage of a Lawler/Dundee/Idol vs Gilbert/DWB/Doug Gilbert cage match from MSC that looks pretty great once again. As a result of the pre-match stipulation, Doug Gilbert has to get his head shaved.


The heels are being interviewed in the studio, with Doug wearing a mask. Eddie talks about hair elixir his great grandmother left him. They remove the mask to show that Doug's hair has remarkably grown back. I don't know, it looks like a wig, but I trust Eddie, so I'm conflicted.

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Granny Gilbert's Hair Elixir!


The 6-man looks as awesome as it sounds. I kind of shudder to think what Idol was like at this point but he's perfectly serviceable in the clips we see. They tease a split, but Lawler kicks out of an accidental Idol clothesline and comes back to pin Doug after the White Boy accidentally clobbers him with his boot. Goodbye to Doug's hair, but not for long! Dave Brown seems to be legitimately trying to hold it together.

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  • 3 weeks later...

In a cage but they are still using legal tags. Doug Gilbert has joined up with Brother Eddie and DWB. Anthony hits Doug by mistake and gets pinned by Lawler. So Doug gets his head shaved.


Granny Gilbert left a special hair potion for her grandkids. Doug unmasks to show that the potion does indeed work! They found the cure for hair loss.

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  • 2 years later...

It was a bit jarring to see such a brutal match followed by the whole comedy bit with Granny Gilbert's hair elixir, but Memphis can pull stuff like this off without breaking a sweat. I like Sam Lowe's professional look, with the nice suit and the sunglasses. (By the way, if that's not Sam, who is it?)


I'm kind of glad they didn't have Idol turn on Lawler; it would have been way too predictable, plus this feud doesn't need that kind of twist at the moment. Maybe a little later on if Idol sticks around, but not right now.


I love Dave's reaction to Doug's wig, which actually isn't all that horrible. As great as Lance is, I think Dave handles comedy like this a bit better.

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The Gilberts and Tony Anthony are with Dave Brown and he has a video to show why Doug Gilbert is wearing this mask.


Highlights of a six-man cage match from the Mid-South Coliseum, with the loser of the fall getting their head shaved. This in edited form looks like it was another tremendous match with a hot crowd. Lawler has a piledriver for Tony Anthony, but Doug Gilbert has one for him. A spiked piledriver for ‘The King’, and somewhere in this Jerry Calhoun gets bumped. Lawler holds the Dirty White Boy and Austin Idol comes at him with a clothesline, but the White Boy moves and he accidentally hits Lawler instead. Anthony makes the cover and a great near fall with the groggy Calhoun making the count and Lawler kicking out at two. Doug Gilbert grabs ‘The King’ and the White Boy takes off his boot and climbs to the top turnbuckle. He comes off, but Lawler moves and he clobbers Doug with the boot. ‘The King’ makes the cover, Doug drops the fall losing the match for his team and will also now be losing his hair. A barber then shaves off his hair whilst Dundee and Idol hold him in the chair, and Lawler is on guard with a chain to prevent anyone from stopping the hair cut.


Back in the studio and the heels have Sam Lowe with them. Dave explains that everyone’s hair was at stake in the match, Doug’s head was shaved just days ago and now he is out here under a mask. Eddie says how he could come out here and say how they bought powder into the ring, how they pulled off the Dirty White Boy’s boot and hit Doug with it, and that was the only way they won the match. He could come out here and cry over spilled milk, but he’s not going to do that because they’re Gilberts and they’re not like anyone else. Almost 100 years ago Great Granny Gilbert left them a famous potion called ‘Granny Gilbert’s Hair Elixir’, and all they had to do was rub a bit on Doug’s scalp and about an hour later his hair grew back! They take the mask off Doug to reveal the most unconvincing of wigs that Dave isn’t buying at all. Eddie says how they can put them in any hair match and they will come out okay! An excitable Dirty White Boy asks where Tessa is and wonders if Dave has some film that they can show? Dave tells him they’re going to take a break as he wants to have a few minutes to recover from Eddie Gilbert’s magic elixir, while the White Boy tries to get production to roll the tape.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-08-25-USWA-Memphis TV] Interview: Eddie Gilbert & Dirty White Boy / Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee & Austin Idol vs Dirty White Boy & Eddie & Doug Gilbert

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