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[1990-08-25-USWA-Memphis TV] Interview: Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee / Music Video: Austin Idol


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Dundee hypes a local Jonesboro show, and laments rising gas prices. If he only knew. Some local band is standing perfectly still behind them while they are interviewed, smiling and not speaking. Lawler is so good.


We close out with an Austin Idol music video that's obviously pretty old. The song is "Kid Is Hot Tonight" by Loverboy.

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This week it's the same 6 guys, in a Hospital Elimination Match, basically Survivor Series meets first-blood rules. Lawler does a fantastic job spelling this scenario out.


An Idol music video follows, with clips against Stan Hansen, Jos LeDuc, the Zambuie Express, Road Warrior Hawk, and others.

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Nice quip by Dundee about the rise of gas prices. If wrestling promotions had been smart, that's about all the farther into the Gulf War the business would have delved.


Lawler explains a hospital elimination match in his part of the promo, and also rubs it in Eddie's face that Idol didn't turn on him and Dundee. Yet, Jerry. With you and the Universal Heartthrob, the operative word is always "yet".


I liked Lawler challenging Eddie to a singing contest during intermission. Actually, that would be a nice cherry on top of the sundae for this feud, just one more area for the King to establish his dominance in. (To be fair, I've heard Lawler sing, and he won't make anyone forget the "other" King. I wonder if Eddie could even carry a tune.)


You'd think that Jarrett could spring for a new music video to hype Idol. That same one was probably used for Idol's last big run in the territory with Paul Heyman and Tommy Rich three years before, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was in use before that too.

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Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee are back out to talk about the upcoming hospital elimination match. Dundee doesn’t do the best of jobs here, but says that there is also a Battle Royale at the end of the night which might end up just being a 16 man Battle Royale as there are going to be three men that are badly beaten up before it takes place. Fortunately ‘The King’ is on hand to save the day and explain everything. Lawler says that he asked Bill Dundee after the cage match ‘where did the Dirty White Boy and the Gilbert’s learn to fight. Kentucky Fried Chicken?’ They tried to cause dissension in their team, they tried to make them think that had to watch out for Austin Idol, they tried to plant the seed that he was going to turn on them because they knew in their own minds that was the only hope and prayer they had. He didn’t turn on them though and Eddie Gilbert’s own punk brother had to sit there and get his head shaved. He reckons Eddie also got another spanking off his mamma when he got him after she saw what he’d let happen to his little brother! This week the spanking and hair cutting will be trivial to what they’re going to do, because a ‘hospital elimination match’ is where you settle the score once and for all. Falls don’t count and it goes until one man is busted open, then he’s eliminated. The match doesn’t stop there though, and keeps on going until an entire team is eliminated. Eddie Gilbert is their target and they’ve something big in store for them Monday night, he’s going to be so bloody that when they get home his own momma won’t recognise him.


Austin Idol music video set to ‘The Kid Is Hot Tonight’ by Loverboy immediately follows. Another very 80s Memphis music video featuring the stuff you’d come to expect from any promo piece for Idol (going against the Road Warriors, posing, in the hot tub etc). Some nice clips of him against Stan Hansen and Jos Le Duc amongst all this.


Dundee wasn’t very good here, but Lawler explains everything in his usual reliable and concise way. There were some models behind the announcer’s desk for some reason, and the one couldn’t keep a straight face when ‘The King’ was telling his jokes.

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Lawler has got to be the most underrated promo of all time. How he can clearly get all of this across every time is beyond me. Idol music video makes me think Idol's time as a worker I want to watch is long gone. But he's a big Memphis name, so there it is.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-08-25-USWA-Memphis TV] Interview: Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee / Music Video: Austin Idol

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