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Short and almost no heat. The least of the four matches between these two teams on the yearbook, but it still has its positives. Eaton does an amazing vertical suplex, and this is pretty well-structured in spite of being rushed. The crowd finally wakes up near the finish when Cornette eats a punch, but they are pretty dead for everything else. I love the blind sunset flip finish.

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Yeah, this one was pretty much by the numbers. I agree about the lack of heat, and you could tell that JR was calling this in the studio, as he had almost no energy. He didn't even try to put over the fact that a win by Rock 'n' Roll would make them the number one contenders for the U.S. belts, which he usually at least mentions briefly in a situation like this. (Actually, the MX had lost the U.S. titles to the Steiners at the Meadowlands two days before the match aired. A Rock 'n' Roll/Steiners match would have been nice for a novelty, but by this time, it would almost have to be a Steiners squash in order to accomplish much.)


Interesting that the MX's mini-feud with Sid is still going on, even with Sid being positioned as Sting's next challenger. It's more like Eaton/Sid than anything else, and if that's how it was going to end up, I'm glad they dropped it, as Bobby would have been just another victim of Sid's quest for the big belt. I notice that JR was going to talk to Bobby specifically the following week, which means that Corny and Stan were likely being kept clear of the whole thing for whatever reason.


I think this is the last Rock 'n' Roll/MX match on the set. If so, it was kind of a blah end to a historic feud in spite of the cool-looking finish. These two teams deserved a better ending.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-08-26-NWA-Main Event] Midnight Express vs Rock & Roll Express

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