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[1990-09-28-NWA-Power Hour] Bobby Eaton vs Tracy Smothers


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This time around, Bobby Eaton is the gauntlet runner. He has Tracy Smothers, Ricky Morton and Sid Vicious ahead of him this weekend. This is another good showcase for Bobby, as he gets a solid match out of Smothers. A lot of the customary Bobby Eaton offense, but I love the roundhouse clothesline making an appearance. The ring breaks toward the end of this.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I get sad everytime I see the Cobb County Civic Center sign. This had the plus of being able to see out the windows at points and see the dusk of the night which is something I always mark for. Good match. Smothers was sloppy at points but Eaton reeled him in well and they did do some clever spots. Smothers kicks also looked good and the ring breaking didn't slow them down.

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Ross and Heymen do more sparring on commentary. Paul E is claiming to be the first to get an interview with Black Scorpion and is the Mike Wallace of wrestling. Ross said he maybe the John Stossel instead. Oh no, the ring rope breaks. That doesn’t stop Smothers from trying to climb to the top. Not smart. Cornette knocks him and Eaton gets the easy victory.

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I liked this one a lot, and it's a good appetizer for future Southern Boys/MX bouts that never happened, as far as I can tell. This was a pretty even bout until the end. I agree with Heyman; why would Tracy go up top to finish Eaton off when he knew there was a broken rope? It was a stupid move both in a kayfabe sense and in a real-life sense. Fortunately, he didn't kill himself, no thanks to Corny. Bobby didn't need to grab the tights to make sure of the pin, but he did just because, which is a classic heel move.


Nice interplay between JR and Paul here, as I guess JR decided to be sociable this week. Again, I'm impressed with Paul as a match analyst, although two guys giving Corny a hard time about anything and everything was a bit hard to take. I tried to get a good look at Corny's tie to figure out where the FFA (Future Farmers of America) crack came from, but I couldn't manage it. Nice to hear Paul gush about Bobby even when he can't stand Corny.


The bit about Paul securing an interview with the Black Scorpion made me smile, knowing how much Ole despised Heyman in real life. It could have very well developed into WCW's version of David Shultz and John Stossel, all right. (Nice zinger, JR!)


I thought JR was doing so well with the football references, then he starts picking on Alabama out of nowhere right in the middle of the action. At least wait for a resthold, JR.


Can't wait for Morton/Eaton!

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-09-28-NWA-Power Hour] Bobby Eaton vs Tracy Smothers

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