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[1991-05-14-WWF-Primetime Wrestling] Legion of Doom and Bobby Heenan's car


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Vince starts off by thanking Bobby for actually parking in a real space this week. Last week he blocked everyone out of the lot, including a pregnant woman going into labor, so Animal picked up the car and moved it out of the way! I know there's a camera trick involved in this, but I've never quite understood how it works.


Then we get surveillance footage of the pregnant woman threatening Heenan at the front desk, as she's apparently somewhere in the building. No payoff to this, at least not yet.

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I remember a few weeks later that Hacksaw Duggan blew up Heenan's rental with a grenade. Did The Berserker nearly killing Jameson make the set?

It didn't. Explain.



Berserker and Fuji strapped Jameson to some wood. After unsuccessfully trying to set it on fire in the studio, they proceed to the roof. Berserker heaves the whole thing ("Jameson" included, even though its obvious its a mannequin or dummy of some sort) over the side. The audience pops.


Here's the viking ceremony part. The attempted murder not included, damn.


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I just realized I don't think we got any Jameson which is a shame and maybe a little snippet for the errata set.


This was odd and felt like Prime time kind of reaching the end of its rope in coming up with unique real life situations to play off the wresting characters. I have no idea where the woman with Hennan is leading to.

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More Prime Time weirdness, featuring Animal as a human tow truck, Hawk as a traffic cop, and a pregnant lady trying to blackmail security by threatening to push her baby out if she doesn't get to see Heenan. This is what wrestling comedy is supposed to be. At least it's better than an eighty year-old woman giving birth to a hand.


Line of the segment, from Heenan: "That woman's been pregnant for two years! She just wants to meet me!"


I don't think any of this was supposed to go anywhere as far as setting up angles; it was just time-killing filler. But it was funny time-killing filler. I'm developing a soft spot for this format and for Vince as Bobby's straight man, though on the whole I still prefer the previous classic format with Gino and Bobby (which had an occasional skit like this as well).

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-05-14-WWF-Primetime Wrestling] Legion of Doom and Bobby Heenan's car

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