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[1991-05-25-WCW-Saturday Night] Missy's Manor: Steve Austin


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Austin has debuted in WCW. He is accompanied by Vivacious Veronica, who was quickly replaced. Paul E. calling her a natural blond when her roots are so dark is funny. She and Austin definitely don't have the chemistry that Austin and Jeanne had, so that was a wise decision.

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Watching the '90 and '91 yearbooks, this is sort of like seeing your local bar act land their first big record deal. Veronica looks good, maybe better than Jeannie, but is pretty charismatically challenged, and too similar to Alexandra York character-wise. For that matter, they could have brought Woman back. Austin comes off as a future star but was clearly given absolutely no direction for his debut promo. "None of your business, interview's over" isn't really an auspicious start.

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That's it? They could have done that in a thirty-second insert between matches. Am I the only one who thinks they did it this way so 1) JR could squeeze in an extra plug or two for upcoming events and 2) Heyman could make a crack about Missy's hair?


Veronica is a Terri Runnels/Alexandra York clone. In fact, if I didn't know better, I'd swear that Terri just switched wigs in the back between segments. Free Jeannie!

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-05-25-WCW-Saturday Night] Missy's Manor: Steve Austin

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