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[1991-05-29-UWA] Blue Blazer vs El Canek (Mask vs Mask)


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Owen is pretty demonstrably better as a more aggressive guy fighting for something and heeling it up, in contrast to how he usually is in New Japan. Clipped to hell, to the point where we only see 2 falls, but I'm not sure this isn't the best Owen match of either of these two years.

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Can’t imagine there is any drama who is going to win this one. Owen with the Sharpshooter. Bret obviously learned it from Owen. Blazer’s mask seems different from his WWF days. Two falls are shown and Canek unmask Owen right away so this appears heavily edited.

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We get to see most of the first fall, then they cut right to the finish and Owen's unmasking, so it's difficult to tell how good this really was. It's surprising to see Owen working as the Blazer here, knowing how he ended up feeling about the gimmick just before his death. I'm also surprised that Vince would let Owen use a gimmick that he (Vince) created outside of the WWF.


According to Graham's site, El Canek's MSG appearance came on August 24, 1981, as he beat Jose Estrada at 14:31.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-05-29-UWA] Blue Blazer vs El Canek (Mask vs Mask)

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