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Ricky Morton is a guest of Paul E., as rumors are abound that Morton has been recruited by the York Foundation. Paul E. wants info, but the York Foundation shows up before he can get out a word. Alexandra offers Morton "the most lucrative deal of your career". Dustin comes out and wants to know what Morton is doing. He tells him he'll make the right decision.

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Ricky Morton is guest on the Danger Zone. Crowd seems iffy to him. York Foundation show up and they offer Ricky Morton a position. Morton wants to look over the contract. Dustin then interrupts and wants to know what Morton is doing. Ricky gives a very logical answer about just wanting to look it over and see if it is good offer.

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Morton is called out and Paul E is talking a mile a minute but Alexander, Terrence and Mr. Hughes is out to offer him a contract. Seeing Marlena in the slammy swimsuit contest and how she looks here is alarming. Dustin comes out to inquire what is going on and Ricky assures him he will do the best for Ricky Morton.

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Ricky Morton as a corporate heel? He'll have to undergo the most extreme makeover in wrestling history to get me to buy into this. Or maybe Alexandra feels like slumming. Regardless, this isn't the type of heel a so-called "upscale" stable should be going after. The trouble is, other than the Horsemen, WCW doesn't really have any believably upscale heels at the moment. Maybe they should have just attached Terri to Flair as eye candy and had done with it.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-06-01-WCW-Power Hour] Danger Zone: York Foundation

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