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[1991-06-01-WCW-Saturday Night] Bull Drop Inn: Kevin Sullivan & One Man Gang


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"Voodoo Doll ... what does it do? It do VOODOO!" -- Dusty Rhodes in the quote of the year


One Man Gang and Kevin Sullivan are the guests. Sullivan and One Man Gang are the guests. Dusty acts like a blithering idiot. Jason Hervey is poking at OMG's leg on the voodoo doll, and OMG is selling it! Dusty immediately assumes that the problem is indigestion before OMG collapses when Hervey sticks a pin in the doll's butt. WCW.

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"Kevin Sullivan, I know that you know about voodoo." "Who do?" "YOU do!" "I do what?" "Voodoo!" Incredible.


Sullivan tries to play up the feud with El Gigante with all of his usual mysticism talking points, as he seems to imply that the Gang had his way with the Lady of the Third Eye. Sullivan actually manages to get in a good promo amidst all this nonsense while the Gang half-assedly pretends to fly in the background, until Jason Hervey's voodoo overcomes the Gang and he goes into convulsions, as Sullivan says he must be allergic to the hay. HOW THE LIVING FUCK ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO BUILD UP THE GANG AS A GIGANTE OPPONENT WHEN JASON FUCKING HERVEY KNOWS HOW TO TAKE HIM OUT??!


Absolutely mind-boggling. This guy was better off in his Easter egg outfit dancing with Slick. I'm almost morbidly fascinated by how Arn Anderson is going to be able to coexist with this setting.

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Compared to this version of Gang, Akeem was a maniac. Seriously, he's acting more like Kamala than any previous incarnation of Gang; I'm wondering if Dusty might have actually been looking to bring Kamala in to feud with Gigante, but he (Kamala) declined. Dusty's worked with Gang before and presumably knows how to use him well, so he ought to know a setup like this does nothing for him. If he had to feud with Gigante, he should have been a secret weapon of the Horsemen, not someone brought in by Sully, who had nothing whatsoever to do with Gigante prior to SuperBrawl.


As for Hervey, there are almost literally no words. Why anyone who's as good a talker as Dusty needs a sidekick like him I have no idea, and what he's doing incapacitating Gang with voodoo I have no idea either. Could you imagine the ribbing Gang had to take after this segment? I mean, doing the rough equivalent of a stretcher job for Jason Hervey? What universe are we living in here? I've heard about David Arquette winning the WCW World title, but at least that was treated as a fluke. This was presented seriously. Yes, I just said that Dusty Rhodes just booked something worse than Vince Russo. I better stop before the world turns completely inside out. The one saving grace was that Dusty expressed (extremely) mild disapproval of Hervey's actions, not that the damage hadn't been done long before.


I thought a Dusty interview segment would be a real treat, but I honestly believe I prefer The Barber Shop to this. At least I had no expectations for Beefcake as an interviewer, and he's managed to live up to them. (Yes, you read that right.) This has been such a profound disappointment that it's starting to make me actively question whether this whole Dusty run has been WCW's worst time creatively to date, and that's with Flair's departure yet to come.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-06-01-WCW-Saturday Night] Bull Drop Inn: Kevin Sullivan & One Man Gang

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