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[1991-06-22-WCW-Saturday Night] Desperados vignette


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I'm almost ashamed to admit that Dutch deciding to get Deadeye Dick's attention by shooting him got a LOL out of me. You'd think they'd have determined long before this how handy Dick was with a pistol. All three guys actually have their moments but this is loooong and laps itself way, way too much. The fact that this led to absolutely nothing doesn't help. In the end, these are like 12:50 SNL sketches if the show was running short and they began at 12:35. The second half of this in jail was real weak-sauce.

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Count me among those who don't get the point of these. There's nothing at all wrestling-related in them except an occasional name drop of Stan Hansen, who as far as I know never returned to WCW. If Dutch hadn't referred to "Bart" several times, I would have never known (except through reading the board) that Black Bart was supposed to be his sidekick, and the idea of a wrestler with only one good eye seems ludicrous. To top off the absurdity, the streets they're walking on are right out of the Old West; while Hansen's character was a Texan, he existed in the modern day.


So what would have been the end game? Dutch and Bart as a team with Deadeye as a hanger-on and Hansen as a manager/mentor? A Hansen/Desperados feud? I'm not sure what that would have accomplished, since Bart and Dutch wouldn't have even been upper midcard in WCW at this point, while Hansen's a former US champ. Or maybe Dusty, the original wannabe moviemaker of wrestling, simply thought that a Western serial starring Black Bart and Dutch Mantel would be a nice change of pace from all that wrestling stuff. If that was his line of thinking, he should have stayed with Vince and worn his polka dots, because he certainly didn't fit in WCW anymore. Then again, this stuff is so pointless that I'm not even sure Vince would have tried it, and he tries just about anything to this very day.

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