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[1991-08-09-SWS] Genichiro Tenryu & Ashura Hara vs Road Warriors


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Yeah, bad match, with even Tenryu turning in a subpar performance. I know it was their big finish, but man did Tenryu go down really absurdly easy here. I'd have thought Hara would have at least gotten a pin save in. The quasi-swerve Tenryu job is the only worthwhile thing about this.

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A match that wouldn't have been out of place on Superstars. Tenryu and Hara didn't look like they wanted to be there at all, and the LOD did just enough to win. I liked the press slam spot (where Animal throws Hawk onto Tenryu, only for Tenryu to end up getting a two-count), but they never followed up on it, going straight to the Doomsday Device and the LOD win as if Hawk and Animal suddenly remembered that their limo was double-parked outside the arena and in danger of being towed. It leads me to wonder if they needed to end the match quickly for some reason. Hara didn't look too good at all in the moments following the bout; he was holding his neck, and I don't recall the LOD targeting it with any moves or blows that he should have been selling.


I agree with Loss that it was good to hear "Iron Man". I wonder why SWS wasn't given a copy of the LOD's WWF theme by their partners in Stamford?

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-08-09-SWS] Genichiro Tenryu & Ashura Hara vs Road Warriors

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