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[1991-09-14-USWA-Memphis TV] Jerry Lawler & Dirty White Boy vs Eric Embry & Phil Hickerson / Jerry Lawler and Phil Hickerson / Dutch Mantell vignette


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  • 3 months later...

Clip from MSC. BILLY JOE TRAVIS comes out of nowhere and smashes a guitar over Dirty White Boy's head. YES!!!! Jarrett and Fuller suddenly make the save, and my life is complete.


Back in the studio, Lawler is rapping with Michael St. John during PY Chu-Hi's squash. Lawler tells St. John to drop the act - everyone knows he's Phil Hickerson, and just call it like you see it. I would have cracked up if Michael St. John had responded by respecting his logic and pointing out that Lawler has half ownership in the promotion and that Brian Christopher is his son. The two get into a shouting match, and Hickerson teases something about Lawler's family life, perhaps just that, and they end up in a fight. But Billy Joe Travis sneaks up behind Lawler and breaks a guitar over his head. YES!!!! He's still here! The heels end up working over Lawler until Dundee makes the save. Bull Pain ends up coming out so Samantha can whip Dundee with her belt. This brings out Dirty White Boy, Jeff Jarrett and Robert Fuller eventually, among others. GREAT, chaotic studio brawl that just keeps going and going, and BILLY JOE TRAVIS!


Lawler and DWB are back out to hype Monday night, and how often do you get two babyfaces who can talk like this? Lawler/DWB vs Hickerson/Travis on Monday night with lumberjacks holding guitars? Sign me up!


Finally, Dutch Mantel CONTINUES the Stan Hansen running gag! He is sitting by a phone in case Stan Hansen calls. The phone rings, and ... it's "Eddie Marlin ... what a disappointment." Christopher Love and his heel troupe is coming after Dutch's hair, and Dutch wants Hansen's hair. Dutch is a riot!

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  • 1 month later...

Lawler vs. Chu-Hi has turned into a tag match: Lawler/DWB vs. Chu-Hi/Embry. Some good action ends with the return of Billy Joe Travis, complete with guitar. The White Boy gets creamed and then Embry goes to work on him with the broken guitar neck in a cool visual.


Chu-Hi is out working a squash when Lawler officially outs him as Big, Fat Phil HickersonTM. "AH'M PEE-WHAH CHOO-HAH, AND DON'T YEW FERGET IT!" Hickerson tries to strike back with something about Lawler's family, and Lawler tries to do the same, and a shoving match turns into a brawl. Travis comes back out to brain Lawler with the guitar, but Lawler no-sells and soon the whole locker room is out. Bill Dundee gets a whipping from Samantha Pain, and I wonder if they drew straws backstage to see who'd get that spot. Jarrett & Fuller throw trash cans at people. The brawl goes all over the studio in a fantastic scene. Second-best USWA angle of the year after Eric Embry threatening all of the non-wrestlers in sight.


It's a return tag bout Monday night, with the wrestlers armed with guitars. Holy shit, I pray there's footage of this.


Dutch Mantell hypes the Stan Hansen Hotline to all of his Little Dusters out there. This is great to begin with but the timing is even more hilarious coming right off that Hogan interview. It'll be Dutch's hair vs. the Dragon Master's mask on Monday night. Dutch is thrilled to get a phone call but sadly it's not Stan Hansen, just Eddie Marlin. The big highlight here is Dutch's response to Marlin's question about how he knows what it's like to be bald.


After a rough few weeks, the USWA feels fresh and revitalized.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I was just wondering about what has happened to Billy Travis and he shows up with a guitar shot for Dirty White Boy. Nice to see you back Billy and as a heel.


Laughing as when Lawler refers to Hickerson as big fat Hickerson we get a crowd shot of some cheering overweight fans. USWA has a fancy new desk for the announcers. Don't be talking about people's families as a brawl starts. More Billy Travis guitar shots. This all leads to another big studio brawl with Dundee whipping Samantha. Dundee is getting punches thrown at him but but still managers to try whip Samantha again. He's determined.


Dutch is maning the Stan Hansen hotline. That is hilarious.

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  • 9 months later...

A lot to digest here.

First the clips from the MSC look a lot more heated than the previous one and I had such glee in Billy Joe coming back.


Hickerson looks really fat for sure and he is having a squash when Lawler starts up trouble. This results in a great brawl featuring everyone from USWA at the time and had a lot of huge highlights.

Lawler gives a spirited promo hyping up Monday night.

The Mantell stuff with the Hansen hotline cracks me up. Marlin swerves Dutch and calls the hotline. We have another big match Mon with Dutch's hair vs. Dragon Masters mask.

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  • 1 year later...

Wouldn't it be something if Stan actually decided to stop over in Memphis on a break from All-Japan and help Dutch or another of the faces? I could just see the heels backing up when Stan swings that bullrope! Seriously, they're treating the whole Hansen thing like a comedy bit, which is smart because I seriously doubt they could afford Stan even if he wanted to come in. Dutch's side of his conversation with Eddie Marlin is equally hilarious, and a novel way to set up Monday night's hair vs. mask bout with the Dragon Master. I just hope someone didn't really call WMC looking for the book Dutch was supposedly giving away.


The clips from the tag match looked good, but I'm not nearly the fan of Travis's that Loss is. His act got tired quickly in early '90, and I actually prefer him as a face because he has HTM Syndrome: like Honky, his most effective (and at times only) offensive move as a heel is to hit people with his guitar. I liked him much better fighting alongside Jeff later in '90, and I'd like to know if Jeff's partnership with Fuller is one of the reasons he's back as a heel. Hickerson does indeed look fat and disgusting, and he hasn't gotten any more Vietnamese during his time off, either.


The brawl was one of the wildest I've ever seen, and Hickerson actually has a point about being able to wrestle as P.Y. Chu-Hi should he choose to. Of course, good luck to him in trying to prove that point before the King's adoring public. He's even got the supposedly professional and unbiased Michael St. John thinking his way after a while. The only two things I didn't like about the brawl were Dundee trying to whip Samantha with the belt (hasn't Papa learned his lesson about televising man-on-woman violence yet?) and Lawler no-selling Travis's guitar shot. Of course, he needs to be able to come back for his interview time later in the program, and he makes his money with his mouth, so logic and common sense can just go away. The final promo setting up the tag match was excellent, and Anthony's really finding his way as a babyface after a very slow start.


Lumberjacks with guitars? After they bust the guitar over one of the wrestlers' backs, how do they stay involved? Whipping them with the strings? Digging the picks into their foreheads or eyes? Inquiring minds demand to know!

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  • 2 years later...

BJT is back! Embry using the guitar handle as a weapon was great. The studio brawl was so incredible. Memphis studio brawls always get me. Lawler's promo on Hickerson after the brawl is one of the better Lawler promos I've ever seen. Dutch making fun of that ridiculous WCW schtick AND hotlines? Some of the funniest deadpan delivery I've ever seen and Dutch is so great. Can he stay???

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-09-14-USWA-Memphis TV] Jerry Lawler & Dirty White Boy vs Eric Embry & Phil Hickerson / Jerry Lawler and Phil Hickerson / Dutch Mantell vignette

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