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[1991-11-03-WWF-Wrestling Challenge] Barber Shop: Hulk Hogan


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Rewatching this, did you get any sense that having these programs run almost simultaneously diluted their impact?

Yes. Flair/Piper could have gone much longer, and Hogan/Undertaker could have wrapped up on its own too. I'm not sure why they were in such a rush to run Flair vs Hogan on house shows.

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I wonder what it was that precipitated Hogan's leave of absence, and more importantly why it was treated as a retirement. My first guess is that it was to maybe have more of a serious go at acting on Hulk's part (something I say very loosely). I'm guessing the end-game to it was to always bring him back, like they did do in '93.

Steroid scandal. Hogan took time off, thinking he could come back and his image would be okay.

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Actually, the idea of multiple feuds at once wasn't so bad; Flair himself had done it in JCP for years. What made it a bad thing in the end was that neither program got the blowoff it really deserved. Both of them had the potential to be WrestleMania main events. All Vince had to do was pick one and watch the tickets fly. The ideal for the longtime fans would have been Hogan/Flair, but Savage/Flair was nothing to sneeze at when it came to dream matches either. Combine that with Hogan/Taker in a bodybag or casket match and you have a Mania for the ages. Instead, neither feud was blown off, and we got Hogan/Sid instead, which was basically a way to give Hogan a "retirement" win with no lasting consequences for the WWF long-term.


As for this particular interview, we're back to Hogan in Immortal mode, dealing out the death references thick and fast. Beefcake's in the role he plays best, which is chief stooge and cheerleader, and the whole thing's as cheesy as you'd expect.


To Kevin's point, Beefcake's intro for Hogan seems a bit off because he has to shoehorn a "survivor" reference into it, since we're talking about Survivor Series. That event alone has produced some of the most tortured interviews in wrestling history, as everyone involved MUST use the word "survive" about every third word during any promo they cut from late September on, lest the marks forget the name of the card.


No sound from Gino and Bobby at all? Were they taking a mutual bathroom break or what?

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-11-03-WWF-Wrestling Challenge] Barber Shop: Hulk Hogan

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