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[1997-02-10-WCW-Nitro] NWO and Randy Anderson


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The Wolfpac and Bischoff are out with Nick Patrick. They decide to run off the announcers and Nash immediately points out that he looks like Vince Neil in his sunglasses. Motley Crue reference in 1997, I love dated Nash references.


They are out because they have heard Randy Anderson has something to say to them. He is out with his wife and children and asks for his job back. Bischoff feigns that he's rethinking his position and somberly asks the Anderson to children to tell their dad that he's STILL FIRED. Hall and Nash laugh in their faces and this is some awesome heat building. This is the kind of angle that can only happen when a company is hot enough that everyone involved benefits from rubbing shoulders with the entire crew.


Bischoff finally shows that he has a heart by making a Nick Patrick vs Randy Anderson match for the following week on Nitro. I can't say enough for how hate-worthy Bischoff is in this. He is phenomenal, and I LOVE this angle.

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Great angle. Bischoff is detestable in this segment. Hogan and Nash come off like really bullies as well in these Randy Anderson segments. Their cool guy routine works as a heel act when they are put in a situation like this one where they are clearly in the wrong. On Austin's podcast recently, Nash talked about Sullivan doing nothing but booking heat on the heels around this time which is this is a prime example of.

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Last week Piper, now Rander Anderson. These babyfaces have no dignity in bringing their kids around to get sympathy. But seriously, this is great. "Can you please tell your daddy, that he's STILL fired !" is one of the all-time great dick heel punchlin ever to me. Just classic stuff. Bischoff was great, just despicable and sleazy, as were the Outsiders laughing in the face of poor Randy Anderson.

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